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MJ's Mom

Fears Debbie Rowe Will

Blow Lid Off MJ Paternity

4/18/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Katherine Jackson have been nosing around ... trying to find out what Debbie Rowe might say under oath about the paternity of the two kids she bore while married to Michael Jackson.

Sources connected to Katherine tell TMZ ... her lawyers have been making a number of inquiries on the eve of the family's wrongful death trial against AEG Live.

We're told lawyers worry Debbie will testify Michael is NOT the biological father of Prince and Paris.  TMZ broke the story back in 2009 ... Michael indeed is not the biological father.

Debbie is on the witness list for both Katherine and AEG Live.  AEG has taken Debbie's deposition but -- shockingly -- we've learned AEG never asked Debbie a single question about paternity as it relates to MJ.

As for why Katherine's lawyers are so interested in Debbie's testimony ... she's the one who knows the most about MJ and the paternity, and they're worried AEG may try to prove the kids don't have any legal ties to Michael, which could torpedo their damage claim.

Katherine's lawyers have already filed legal docs asking the judge to exclude any evidence of paternity.  The judge has yet to rule on the motion.

In the end, none of this may amount to anything because under California law ... when a woman gives birth while living with her husband, the husband is conclusively presumed to be the father, unless he's sterile or impotent.



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well i hope debbie does tell the truth if asked.dont risk herself going to jail for perjury just to make the jackson money grubbers happy

524 days ago


Michael Jackson was broke. Even using the 'beatles' song book. Over and over as collaterlal no longer worked. Knowing he is still out of money.

Jackson was fully aware he is worth more dead then alive.

Jackson had been doing propofol since the 80's. And alot of other stuff. Simply look what he did to himself.

524 days ago


I do not understand why the Jackson family is trying to cover this up. You have to be insane to believe Michael is the bio father of those children. Why make such a big deal? People adopt kids all day. They're acting like it's a bad thing, and they're only making the children look like fools for trying to act like they are blood Jacksons. As for TMZ breaking the story in 2009, well, any one with half a brain only had to look at the children and see they were not his. I am disgusted with this greedy family and I hope they get nothing. They are rolling in the dough, and these greedy kids want more. Shame on them.

524 days ago


Although it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that MJ is not the biological father it has nothing to do with the wrongful death lawsuit. Next question.

524 days ago


I don't understand why are they're concerned about Mike's children? Oooooh I get it Debbie might not be the mother. Well wait a minute that doesn't make sense either, ok I'm starting to believe the Mike might not be the father of his children is that right? I'm sure Debbie would know who donated the sperm that impregnated her. (Ernie Klien) but she would know nothing about the third. Seriously, I think it's too funny that these greedy evil people who only care about money, might not be able to get said money because someone might tell the truth about mike's kids. Don't get me wrong I'm not sorry at all that Mike passed away, I think he was an evil son of a SOB as well, only his evil came in the form of child molesting. The whole family is F##ked up beyond repair. I'm glad that Paris is hanging out with her mother, hopefully some normal will rub off.

524 days ago


This is such bs. I don't know why they are making such a big deal over paternity and saying if they aren't biologically his, they aren't entitled to anything. If someone adopts a,kid, then they are their kid. How is this any different? Paternity shouldn't matter. As far as MJ was concerned, those were his kids, and the world should respect that.

524 days ago


Michael Jackson push for this so called last tour. No one aproached him.

524 days ago


People aren't stupid. 1) we all know neither belongs to MJ; 2) Prince looks like Arnie Klein. Maybe Katherine needs to move her brood to Saudi Arabia.

524 days ago

paul a.    

Im no MJ fan. And I thought he got away with something during his trials. In my mind, he clearly had been misbehaving with young boys for years. Having said that, I find it irrelevant the whole issue of biological fatherhood when it comes to those kids. He clearly considered them his kids. He clearly loved them. Also as clearly, in spite of all the weirdness coming from their father, they loved him back. And, on top of it all, they seem like well balanced, nice kids.
It would be a shame at this point in time to knock over the apple cart. Some things are better left alone.

524 days ago


" unless he's sterile or impotent."

Hehehee was MJ maybe sterile or impotent? :)

524 days ago


I remember when they both said they had the kids together. Lies. Sick of Lies. Seems like that is all the world does anymore.

524 days ago


I look forward to the day the Jackson's all go away.

524 days ago


TMZ is wrong !!!! The judge did rule 2 weeks ago that paternity cannot be brought up during the trial.

Why would Katherine's attorney list Debbie Rowe as a witness if they don't know what she will say? Witnesses are questioned by the attorney's in advance. Debbie would NEVER discuss who the father of her children are, it's nobody's business and it's not relevant to the trial. AEG has already stated they will not question Prince or Paris on the witness stand because they feel don't believe children should be put through this. Obviously Katherine's attorneys feel differently. Sure shows who has class and care about children versus who doesn't. Shame on Katherine.

524 days ago


Anyone with half a brain could tell you that MJ is NOT the biological father of those kids.

524 days ago


The Jackson Brothers and sisters must fume at night at the thought that most of Michael's wealth is going to these children who they are not even biologically related to. Do these kids really think that they are African-American? Do they really check the African-American box on forms they fill out?

524 days ago
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