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Lindsay Lohan

Bruised Feelings

4/18/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Capillaries

0418_lindsay_lohan_x17Something's going on with Lindsay Lohan ... because healthy 26-year-olds don't bruise like this.

The shots were taken Tuesday in Venice, CA, while she was on a pre-rehab shopping spree with lil' sis Ali.

We've seen Lindsay bruised before ... but nothing like this. She had bruises at Coachella and in Brazil but these are definitely worse.

LiLo is telling friends she bruises easily because she doesn't drink enough water ... kind of a weird statement, because the only thing we see her drink publicly is H20.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Everybody bruises when they impact something hard. "Bruises easy" doesn't apply. Either she had impact or you think she bruises like this from her ass bumping into the toilet seat, which scenario is more likely?

531 days ago


too much drinking of alcohol can lead to easy bruising

531 days ago


Dear Judge, I simply cannot go to Rehab, I have bruises to deal with.!!!!

531 days ago


Does this dumb (s)kank think that she is really smarter than everyone else? I MIGHT drink water like once a week, and I've never bruised like a junkie. I guess when you're doped up on Adderal, Opiods and Vodka, and not enough water, you may bruise easily. She needs a bullet in between her eyes, put her down like a horse.

531 days ago


When you drink a lot you bruise much easier because of how thin your blood is... just sayin

531 days ago


You would think she could dress nicer than she does. When she went into the jewelry store that day, she was dressed as tacky and messy as she is dressed there.

531 days ago


Ok peeps, who amongst you actually believes that this strumpet is going to see 1 day in Rehab?

531 days ago


excessive bruising like that often comes from the blood being thinned from alcoholism.

531 days ago


coco must be rolling over in her grave.....her 2k purse should not be seen like this!! what a mess...90 day rehab is not going to be enough...

531 days ago


Those bruises are from alcoholism. The "water" in the water bottles is vodka. She's not fooling anyone. Then again, she's a big girl. Let Lindsay die the way she wants to die.

531 days ago

Elliot Rodger    

She gets uglier every day.

531 days ago


Seriously, she is one of the most dirtest nasty looking so called celebs that ever drew a breath. Maybe she will see some homeless people and pick up a few fashion hints.

531 days ago


she knows that bruise the size of her hand is on her leg like she knew the bruises on her left leg in brazil bikini pics were on her. she chooses to keep exposing nasty garbage about her as she knows she will be photographed and then kept in tabloids. she wants to stay relevant and this is why she wont put longer shorts or pants on with her disgusting filthy boots shes been wearing everywhere. so when she is in californai whre does she live in a hotel since she back from brazil but lives in new york now. dosent she need to go home to new york before she sentenced may 2nd. she just wants to stay relevant in tabloids in LA with her bruises so people talk about her.

531 days ago


If she bruises like this, she's always bruised like this, she could carry the Haemophilia trait. Which is possible. Women carry the genes. Somethings wrong, with Lindsay she is an adult, but when it comes to medical concerns they should be there to, leukemia whatever. Dina take your girl to the doc! stat!

531 days ago


Those bruises are signs of an old body that is unhealthy that is aging rapidly.

531 days ago
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