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Tanning Mom

Topless Bikini MELTDOWN!

4/18/2013 11:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0418_tanning_mom_naked_bikini_photos_launch_v2The environmental effects wreaked on the ecosystem are still unknown after a somewhat pale Tanning Mom aka Patricia Krentcil attempted to bronze her luscious droopy topless flesh, balloon knot belly button and tatted up vadge in an unfortunate silver bikini on a quarantined New Jersey beach yesterday.

Since getting off the hook for allegedly bringing her 5-year-old into a tanning booth, Patty -- who says she's 45 years old -- is now choosing to shrivel up like a raisin with the help of the natural sun.

To avoid damage, protective eyewear should be worn at all times.


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This raisin is an embarrassment to her family and herself. Does she not realize how horrible she looks. Those "I'm sexy" faces and poses are a joke. She is way older than 45 maybe 65. Terrible flat azz flabby body. She must have been drunk. My goodness they will always be online to be made fun of for eternity. OMG!

550 days ago

Pat Van Alders    

That Tanning Mom Is REPULSIVE Looking!

550 days ago


Disgusting. This woman is a disgrace.

550 days ago


In some pics it looks like she kept her dentures and in others it doesn't. (i wonder where she left them while posing for the ones without ...on a rock?? or maybe on the sand?? Huh!!!!

550 days ago


my eyes! my eyes!

550 days ago


I love you Tanning Mom!

549 days ago


People seem to forget that she suffered a major head injury that resulted from a severe assault when she was younger, that included her having to have metal plates surgically implanted. Individuals who suffer severe trauma to the head often never fully recover and may behave differently, especially in times of stress. Problems with inhibition, stress and other issues are common, especially when the frontal lobe is involved. In addition, alcohol and medications may affect an individual with a head injury more intensely due to the damage to the brain, leading to a much lower ability to tolerate their effects. Instead of ridiculing her, perhaps we should have a little compassion for what she has been through.And let's be honest - how many of us in middle age look even halfway as decent as she does in a bikini? Is she considered model ready? No, but time certainly takes a toll and unless you have the time and/or money to spend on a personal trainer and significant cosmetic procedures, chances are that by the time middle age arrives, in all of it's unflattering figure glory, most of us will not even begin to resemble who we were in our twenties, physically. Our society has a problem with expecting individuals to have looks that are unrealistic and beyond perfection - Photoshop, anyone?

549 days ago

Brian Glubok    

I'd still bang the brainless, blonde bimbo. She kinda reminds me of my bubbe. I'll bet that she knows a few "tricks," too.

545 days ago


While its good to have some ego, too much is a sad thing.

531 days ago


Not that it matters or that I care, but, this lady has to be a LOT older than 45. Is she a tanning grandma? I am 55 and have tanned at face nor my breasts suffered like this...:(

530 days ago


ugh gross

508 days ago


"Dammit! Who forgot to medicate Grandma again?!" That's what I hope the explanation is. Either that or she got paid goo-gobs of dough to publicly humiliate herself & nauseate the country.

487 days ago


..That was just disturbing.

479 days ago
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