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Taylor Swift

On the Hunt Again ...

For Mansions

4/18/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For everyone who thought Taylor Swift was a little psycho for allegedly buying a house in Hyannis Port, MA to be next door to her BF ... well it may be she's just a smart real estate investor, because she's done it again in a WAY more exclusive neighborhood.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... Taylor has been looking at one of the most famous properties in Rhode Island -- the Harkness House -- an 11k-plus-square-foot mansion that sits on 5.23 acres of prime real estate.

To give you an idea of how rich she is ... the asking price is North of $20 mil.

Taylor brought her family and real estate agent to the property on Monday and nosed around for a while. We're told she spent a lot of time there and really dug it.

So maybe the 23-year-old singer is more savvy than swoony. Real estate always appreciates over time. Men don't appreciate anything.


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@ "Ugh.... nothing good comes from Rhode Island...."


-Only the Farrelly Brothers.

551 days ago


Taylor Swift 22 reasons why I love you. 1)You're rich. 2-22)You're mega rich!

551 days ago


I hope that's not where Tanning mom hangs out on the beach..........

551 days ago


Place looks like an upkeep nightmare? She'll get caught on one of these flips.

551 days ago


Maybe she is savvy? Do you guys even do any research. They had her on 60 minutes awhile back and she runs her own empire. And you guys reported that she minted on her Ma. property. Maybe your short term memory is bad.

551 days ago


I heard she bought the last house because the neighbors wouldn't sell to the Kennedys. She merely bought it so she could pass it on to them. She never lived in it, and it wasn't because she was stalking her boyfriend. She was just doing something nice for his family at the time.

551 days ago


Such a bow-wow....Sings like one two...
Her eyes are not honest!

551 days ago


I can picture Taylor roaming the 11k foot mansion at 3 am with nothing but a candle to illuminate the halls....Going from room to room (all the antique furniture still covered in white bed sheets) Taylor wearing granny pajamas...Her silky hair blowing in the drafty home that remains without running water or electricity...

551 days ago


North of $20 mil? ... OMG ... That is 4 times more then Carrie Underwood made last year ... I guess we know who the big star of country music is :)

551 days ago


Here is the TRUTH about the real music industry..worth reading.

Taylor is NOT WHAT SHE APPEARS TO BE.she has manipulated & hypnotized all the youth that worship her. Her father is also a mason that trained her. It's generational with her family. ever wonder why she wears the color red alot?? copy and past and read it.You will never be able to listen to music the same way .

Taylor Swift’s father is a very wealthy and powerful Freemason who trained her in the ways of Masonry from the age of 5. It’s my opinion that Taylor Swift is a very high powered Freemason Wicca Witch.Taylor wears the number (13) because she is an ambassador to the plethora of Secret Society youth in America.that's her only purpose in the music industry.

read page 24 and 25.

551 days ago


Taylor is a very intelligent young lady. She sild that other house and made 1 million on the deal.

551 days ago


she has massive boobs

551 days ago


Her entire family is financially smart and most work in finance fields - & they're very close (despite parents divorce). No doubt they manage her monies but she'll either use this for family or rental (to make more money for family).... or herself if she needs a mansion to stay while working in NY in future. They have a very smart & caring family (i.e., no lawsuits/drugs like most, sadly, in entertainment biz).

Good for them!

551 days ago


Why does she even need a mansion her ass can stay in a ****ing bedroom she's just this big (----) -.-

551 days ago


She's ****ing PERFECT ♡

551 days ago
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