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Kim Kardashian

'Excited' To See

Kris Humphries

4/19/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
has made Kim Kardashian's life miserable for the last year-and-a-half -- but Kim is actually excited to see him in court today ... and even says she still loves him.

Kim and Kris will face off in court for the first time since their split on Halloween weekend, 2011.  They're in court for a settlement conference ... and as we reported it's possible they could strike an agreement before leaving the building.

Sources very close to Kim tell TMZ ... Kim is actually looking forward to seeing him.  She's saying she does indeed still love him as a person, acknowledging, "We just didn't work as a couple."

We're told Kim has actually reached out to Kris numerous times, but he never responded.

Kim is saying they have "unfinished business" and need to talk things out so they can truly move on.

Who knows if it's possible?  What we do know is that Kris has softened his position on demanding an annulment ... largely because he sees the handwriting on the wall -- that he's going to lose at trial.  If he does, he'll almost certainly get socked with Kim's attorney's fees.   The bill on both sides will approach $1 mil if they can't settle.

We'll be in court, so stay tuned.


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No Avatar


Maybe rekindle the relationship- not!

554 days ago


Friend zone. I would RUN!!!!!

554 days ago

Chris Kaman Your Eye    

Can someone please tell this skank to...WEAR MATERNITY CLOTHES!

554 days ago


Kim got so excited she asked Kris to whip it out in the courtroom and piss all over her. The judge yelled "Whore In The Court!" and a recess was called.Then Harvey Levin appeared to ask the courtroom spectators what they thought of the spectacle and if anyone had seen Lindsay Lohan because he was having withdrawal symptoms.

554 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Kim is a totally self absorbed, fat, ugly, talentless whore who will say and do anything to get publicity. She and her loser, angry, gay, std laden boyfriend Kanye need to just go away. Maybe the whole KRAPTRASHIAN clan could take a major family vacation somewhere where the plane lands and never returns so they could live out their pathetic lives away from all humanity.

554 days ago


Lol TMZ you are so transparent. Kris Jenner paid you to trash Kris H and then all of a sudden, hrs before Kim is made to apologise, you print this BS story. Tell your source to kick rocks

554 days ago


Another pro Kardashian post. Let me ask you TMZ, have you made it so far up Kardashian @$$ that you can see day light yet?

554 days ago


Yes, she's a saint, right? TMZ is spinning EVERY. SINGLE. STORY. for the Kardashians, they have a financial connection to the Kardashian Porn tape company, that's why so many VIVID and Kardashian "SOURCES". EVERYTIME TMZ MENTIONS THESE WHORES ITS ALL SPIN AND BS. WAY TO MAKE TRASH STINK EVEN WORSE, TMZ!

554 days ago


as i wrote before, kards will do or say anything to get what they want. they treated him so dirty, that is why so many people cant stand them. he has alot of people in his corner because it like david and goliath,. they are powerful, with money and media connections, he was young inexperianced unknown. he worked to get where he is and they used their bodies and sexual suggestions to get where they are. it angers people who work for living, they identify with him.

554 days ago


They should talk things out. I hope they can end this soon because it has gone on long enough, both should be able to move on peacefully.

554 days ago


What a ditzy broad. I can't imagine how awkward it will be for Kris to see his wife, pregnant w/someone else's baby as if nothing transpired between them. I do hope Kim is practicing for a public apology, that's all Mr. Humphries wants and deserves. TMZ, your slant on how fortunate Mrs. Humphries will be to unload her husband is despicable, truly poor journalism, if we can call this website anything other than a tabloid rag. You've lost quite a few viewers just w/this story alone. Shall we all bow to the queen of homemade sex tapes?

554 days ago



554 days ago


Kris, don't give her the divorce. Work it out and raise kanye's baby. Then pretend to be Blake griffin.

554 days ago


Who the fugg cares! Enough with this useless woman who people think is so damn important. Her only talent was spreading her legs and opening her mouth.

554 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

If she actually does apologize to Kris, I can see how KMZ is going to spin this...

Kim was the bigger person and apologized with full sincerity to the guy that has made her life hell for the last year.


Even though Kris dropped his case against poor, innocent Kim, who he tortured for a whole year, he still had to take one last shot at her and forced her to apologize for something we all know she didn't do, putting her unborn child in danger by causing her unneeded stress.

This is the was KMZ twists everything to make Kim look good, and Kris look horrible. What I don't get, is do you guys ever actually read your comment section? Is it worth making every single one of your subscribers want to leave, never come back, and boycott your site all together? Radaronline actually says the truth. Just letting everybody know ;)

554 days ago
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