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Boston Marathon Bombing


Hunting for Suspect #2

4/19/2013 7:20 AM PDT UPDATED: 4/19/2013 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

8:27 AM PT -- Cops say Dzhokhar is NOT holed up in the building in Watertown where cops were seen preparing for a firefight.

8:25 AM PT --
Just about every single university in the Boston area has been closed --- including Emerson and Boston College -- while authorities continue the hunt for Dzhokhar.

7:48 AM PT --
Cops have broken out guns and body armor and appear to be gearing up for some sort of tactical offensive in Watertown. 

6:46 AM PT --
A YouTube page has been discovered that appears to have been created by the older brother Tamerlan several months ago.

The page contains links to several religious videos -- including one titled, "Allah Is the One" ... and another called, "Islam."

6:42 AM PT --
Cops believe the younger brother, Dzhokhar, may be armed with an assault rifle ... and is probably carrying explosives.


Cops have shot and killed one of the men suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing -- after a fierce gun battle in Watertown, Mass. ... and now officials are on the hunt for Suspect #2.

Here's what you need to know ...

-- The suspects are brothers from Chechnya ... 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev and 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. They reportedly moved to the U.S. around 2002 and have been living here legally.

-- The brothers were located in Watertown, Mass. last night ... after they allegedly robbed a 7-11 store and hijacked a car. The driver of the car was unharmed.

-- The brothers then shot and killed a security officer on the M.I.T. campus -- and cops came racing to the scene.

-- A ferocious gun battle ensued ... with one witness saying at least 60 shots were fired  ... and the brothers reportedly threw grenades at the cops.

-- The older brother, Tamerlan, was killed in the shootout ... but Dzhokhar (pictured below) escaped.

-- Cops believed Dzhokhar is armed and dangerous ... and has a bomb strapped to his chest.

-- Officials have launched an intense manhunt for Dzhokhar ... and have released a new picture of the 19-year-old.

-- There are reports the older brother was a boxer who wanted to become part of the U.S. National Boxing Team.

-- At least one of the brothers went Cambridge Rindge and Latin School ... where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck went to school, according to reports.

The question now ... are these brothers -- who have presumably been Americanized and living in the U.S. for years -- considered domestic or foreign terrorists.

6:38 AM PT -- Police in Niagara Falls, N.Y., have pulled over a pair of Russian nationals this morning and reportedly have robot and bomb techs on the scene to investigate suspicious packages. It's unclear if there is a connection to the Boston Marathon bombing.

According to Buffalo television station WGRZ, the FBI has been notified and the joint terrorism task force is working with state police.




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BB not bb    

They brought in 6 or 7 porta poties? Is that a paid endorsement? Gesz can't the cops even get a relief officer?

560 days ago

BB not bb    

The suspect is now surrounded by 6 or 7 porta poties? They have him surrounded with pooping cops? What the hell kind of story is this? I would run from the smell of a porta poty, but if he is such a terrorist, I think he can tough it out.

560 days ago


Finally you guys switched your news feed from Fox to MSNBC.

560 days ago


I wonder y Muslims in AMERICA are like this.... I'm not from the US but in my country no Muslim I know has agreed that terrorism is right and my country is multiracial and multi-religion as fk but its so peaceful

560 days ago


Bless Jeff Bauman for being strong enough to get passed being a victim, and helping the FBI to pinpoint who these boys are.

As for their uncle. He's right. We shouldn't be blaming the people of Chechnya. There are feked up people all over the world who do unspeakable things. In most cases it has nothing to do with where they are from, but more with their state of mind.

hopefully they catch this kid before anyone else is hurt.

560 days ago


I what to know why the media has been speaking to their family before the cops have. I seen this morning one reporter speaking to their uncle saying "Sorry for your lost" WTF really. and the AP speaking to their dad. So know what, the family can up and take off, destory anything that they maybe hiding? WTG the media.

560 days ago

BB not bb    

The police were yelling "get down, get down". Since there is no shooting and they are calling out to the reporters, is this like a K C and the Sunshine Band show? Get down, get down, and boogie tonight.

560 days ago


This is crazy

560 days ago


The father of suspected Boston Marathon bomber called on his son today to give up peacefully, but warned the U.S. that if his son is killed "all hell will break loose."

560 days ago

BB not bb    

Thsi is a bigger fiasco than the hunt for Osama. Are they going to turn Boston into Afghanistan now?

560 days ago

BB not bb    

Alicia no kidding, the father said that all hell will break loose if his son is killed? Sounds like a false flag operation to start a war with Russia or at least get Chechyans to want to start attacking the USA. This is bad. Russia has a full stockpile of nuclear warheads while we have almost none left, our battleships are decommissioned, and our troops are half dead from the war on terror. North Korea might even come to the aid of Russia, they seem to be just looking for an excuse. They let a visit from Dennis Rodman make them feel like they could drop nukes on the USA.

560 days ago

Mike L    

Their parents must be so proud.

560 days ago

BB not bb    

I'm turning off the sound. I can't take any more, it is so depressing. It is police state USA. Oh the boys may have dropped off the backpacks with the pressure cookers loaded with ball bearings, right in front of Navy SEALs and cops doing a bomb drill. No I am not buying this at all. I feel like this is a joke IQ test where they ask you, "When was the war of 1812?" or "What color is my friend's red hair?" The truth is so obvious, it flies right past people.

Maybe the CIA just had Saudi youths and Chechan youths to carry around the backpacks, under their watchful eye, and then are going to select who to blame as the story develops. I think it is a sick story and I am sick of being brainwashed by the news.

560 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if their uncle was a Russian spy and everyone involved is somewhat tied to Russia. If we ever went to war with Russia, the whole world would be over. I know people immigrate to all parts of the country but why Cambridge, Ma? Is it because its not a hot spot. Who's first stop over the border is Cambridge, ma to settle down.?

560 days ago


Appreciate the feed TMZ, but as soon as Barney Frank came on, I had to hit mute. He is one of those people who perpetually sounds like he needs to clear his throat. I think it's also time for him to admit he needs a hearing aid.

560 days ago
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