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Boston Bombing Suspect


Following Deadly Attack

4/20/2013 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0419-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-gettyBefore leading cops on a city-wide manhunt, Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was busy partying it up with friends in a college dorm room ... this just two days after his deadly attack on the Boston Marathon.

The bombs went off on Monday and while law enforcement pored over photos searching for a lead, Tsarnaev went back to his dorm at UMass Dartmouth and acted like a regular non-terrorist college kid, according to the Boston Globe.

He reportedly slept in his dorm, went to the gym and then partied Wednesday night with pals from his intramural soccer team. A student source told the paper, "He was just relaxed."

The 19-year-old even tweeted before the shin-dig ... "I'm a stress-free kind of guy." 

But by Friday, Tsarnaev's face was plastered over every media outlet, the UMass campus went into lockdown mode, his brother -- the other bombing suspect -- had been shot dead and Tsarnaev was finally captured ... after an intense stand-off with police, which left him wounded.

He remains in serious condition.


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Loves you    

If he was partying how did he end up in a poop of blood in someone's boat? I'm confused by your reporting

551 days ago


Gotta love these fanatics who want everybody, but them, to follow the strict doctrines of their religion. The older brother had a kid out of wedlock, the younger one was supposedly into drugs, but hate on America for our loose morals. Blow yourselves up and leave the rest of us alone..

551 days ago


" stress free life .".. Oh, that has changed a bit ..! ,, when he gets a federal death sentence or sits in a small cell looking at four walls and only seeing sunlight for 45 minutes two days a week....I'm bet he will feel stress !! He can burn in hell !!

551 days ago


mass murders have eaten fast food while dead mutilated victims were next to them. I don't understand evil. I don't understand so much. I never want to.

551 days ago


what an idiot. but essentially what you would expect out of a crazed, heartless lunatic terrorist such as this one. no one should stick up for this murderering basterd. he should spend his life in prison (amongst the meanest prisoners too).

551 days ago


They're framed. The government bombed the Boston Marathon.

551 days ago

BB not bb    

He is either a cold blooded killer or just innocent. That is why he goes to parties and relaxes after violence. The truth is there somewhere but it is going to be obscured by people who want to control what others think.

There is a reason why he did what he did and a story behind it. It looks like he showed up at the marathon with his brother, and they are both carrying backpacks. Just for that, I don't know that there is proof of anything more.

They both worked out at gyms, could gym clothes have been in the packs? Was it the pressure cookers; did they leave with the packs? Who else had packs? Who led them there?

If boys who had so much going for them got involved in this, imagine how many others with nothing to lose are involved? Demonizing people doesn't help. People shouldn't act so shocked. Murders happen every day with no one much caring.

551 days ago


"Stress". His new favorite word. He's going to get lots of it. yep

551 days ago


Seriously guys why judge all the muslims like that because of something an ignorant guy did? I mean he doesn't represent all muslims he represents himself You can't just ignorantly blame it on all muslims I mean this should never be about the religion its not about the nationality whatever happened is just unacceptable no matter where it happens and for what reason and we should all work together to stop those people instead of dividing our selves when we need each other the most, and I mean not all non muslims are perfect either the guy that shot those kids in school was a non muslim that was o cruel does he represent all the non muslims? No! Don't judge and focus on the real problem plus you do know that there are many non muslims who live in muslim countries peacefully right?!

551 days ago

Az Heat    

I'm not sure if there is good and bad Islam people but what I do know is they have attacked us violently on more than one occasion so we can't take a chance anymore with them! I say we start pushing all of the Islam people out of OUR country and secure our borders! If we can't do both of those things we need to inform any and ALL immigrants that are here in this country that if they attack us like they have in Boston we will hunt them down and kill them then what ever country they are from will be next until their country is completely demolished!

551 days ago


Tarantino should do the movie. This whole story just blows my mind.

551 days ago


they need to execute him on live tellvision. if i was the detective. I would tortue him to get any more sleeper cells and send a clear message to all those people out there on live TV.. thIS IS what happens when you **** with the wrong people.. EXCUTE ON LIVE TELIVION.. THE NEW AMERICA AND FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO COME AND CHALLENGE US.. NO DEATH.. just exuecution

551 days ago


they need to kill him on live telivison.. show the other people whats in store for them

551 days ago

mr howell     

They should broadcast his execution on TV..what a creep!..and a wacko!..

551 days ago


Okay - I'm gonna say it. I've seen "suspect," but haven't heard the proof. I just pray that these kids actually are the two who did this and we don't find out down the road that someone else did and these two were convicted before they had their day in court.

551 days ago
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