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Boston Marathon Bombing

Suspect #2 Remains

in Serious Condition

4/20/2013 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-APDzhokhar Tsarnaev -- the 19-year-old suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing -- remains in serious condition at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston following his capture last night in Watertown, MA.

Tsarnaev was found hiding inside a boat that sat in the driveway of David Henneberry, who became suspicious when he saw the boat's tarp flapping in the wind. Henneberry's stepson told CNN he went out to investigate when he noticed the tarp had been cut ... and a closer inspection revealed it was stained with blood. 

Henneberry investigated further and, according to his stepson, "He basically stuck his head under the tarp (and) noticed a pool of blood."

Upon his capture, Tsarnaev was not read his Miranda rights because the authorities instead invoked the public safety exception to question him extensively about other potential explosive devices or accomplices and to try to gain intelligence.

Tsarnaev's older brother, Tamerlan, died following a gunfight with police early Friday morning.


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I thought it was pretty darned ironic when I read this story about Jokehar's mother.

She got arrested for stealing $1,60...0 worth of clothes from "Lord and Taylor" department stores. She was probably "caught on tape" stealing because of in-store cameras.

Another Boston area "Lord and Taylor" department store had the outside cameras that provided the crucial video that enabled the cops to catch her terrorist sons.
I suspect she doesn't like "Lord and Taylor" too much these days.

I'm sure she thought that she was "framed" when she got busted for shoplifting too. Her and her husband think a lot of things are conspiracies apparently. It sounds like they are probably a dysfunctional, crazy family in general. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Look at the insane thing that her sons did.

530 days ago


Jihadists and Islam is to blame. The British trained Mossad, Mossad trained the CIA, CIA trained the Afghanis to use pressure cooker bombs to fight the Soviet Union.

530 days ago


how does he have no blood coming from him getting out of the boat, then bloody faced in the ambulance?

530 days ago


Believe it or not one of the cable news channels said he was shot in the head and the neck and he still lived. He bled out a lot though. If they didn't find him when they did, he'd probably be dead within hours.

530 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Both them MO-FO's be TOW-UP.

Couldn't be happier.

Praise Allah.

530 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I have no doubt that Obama has ordered his immediate waterboarding.

But he will never admit it...

530 days ago


Tsarnaev's older brother, Tamerlan, died following a gunfight with police early Friday morning."

He died because his 'loving' brother ran over him! Get your story right, TMZ!!!

530 days ago


I hope this s*** bag lives so then he can be killed by the FBI and make ever person who plans on attacking us American think twice about doing it because we don't stand for that ****.you hurt us American we will hunt you down and make your ass pay.

530 days ago


Why is there a big deal about his Miranda rights? He threw bombs at the police..end of story.

530 days ago


Somebody needs to lose their job -- TMZ got this photo from a first responder or someone who works in the hospital.

530 days ago


Where do you get your info TMZ. I live near Boston and almost everything you said is untrue.

530 days ago


This ******* has to stay alive, dead is worthless

530 days ago


Water board him....we need info

530 days ago


Sounds like some of you have him convicted already. Would you convict a member of your family this quick? Or do you only convict other people?

530 days ago


Kudos to the law eforcement community for taking these two Muslim terrorists off the streets. Yes, they are Muslim radicals, NOT the 'right-wing' wackos for which so many Democrat spokes-wonks were hoping.

530 days ago
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