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Rapper T.I.

T.I.cked Off Hip Hop

Was Dragged Into Boston

4/20/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is pissed ... telling TMZ he has no connection to the hip hop website frequented by dead Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev ... a site that prominently featured the rapper's mug.

T.I. had no idea his pictures were posted -- he'd never even HEARD of -- and he's upset that the hip hop genre is now connected to the bombers.

"Hip hop narrates the activity and conditions of our culture," he tells us. "It doesn't create them."

T.I. is frustrated: "Hip hop ain't never been about hurting innocent people," T.I. said. He feels Boston "was a horrible tragedy and my prayers go out to the families involved."


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I agee with T.I. Hip hop NEVER a advocated hurting innocent people. I dont even like hip hop. A lot of crayzees listen to music that normal people but create their own agenda or sick interpretation in their mine. If someone sings "die young" should they shoot a brunch of people. Heck no but the media related KESHA song to the Columbine killer. Unbelievable.

550 days ago

William Kramer    

just shut up T.I. you are irrelevant

550 days ago


" ain't never been about hurting innocent people."
Unless they are women.

550 days ago


Okay? What songs did the 9/11 killers or Osama Bin Laden? What a joke. This is politics due to gun control and immigration reform. Looking for excuses to keep these two bills alive. T.I.: They also associated taxes and the environment to these attacks. Unbelievable.

550 days ago


After all this, can you at least speak ENGLISH?

549 days ago


He's aa decent guy with his own bad behavior in the past.

549 days ago


I only heard about their love for hip hop from blame them.

549 days ago


T.I. Says """"Hip hop narrates the activity and conditions of our culture," he tells us. "It doesn't create them."""" This is a lie. It amplifies, coerces, glorifies and encourages others to live the "Thug life". It does not lift up those who wish to do what is good. It does not tell stories of righteousness. It does not tell the stories of those who worked hard to get out of the life and live productive lives. It does not do a thing that is positive for society. So when I read of the bombings and the hip hop connection, I am not surprised. Hip hop and rap preach hate, simple as that.

549 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

I would have been pissed if they liked country music.

549 days ago

She's baaaack    

In his defense I'll say at least he looks like he bathes.

549 days ago


Bull. Hiphop is all about violence.

549 days ago


Oh well if T.I is pissed then let's all get pissed and contact our congressmen!

549 days ago


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549 days ago


Everytime a shooting or bombing happens they want to blame everything but the ppl that commit the crime.

549 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

"Hip hop narrates the activity and conditions of our culture," he tells us. "It doesn't create them."

he spelled that wrong it should read:

"Hip hop precedes the activity and conditions of our culture, as role models to impressionable youths our insensitive and often violent words create bad people doing bad things"

549 days ago
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