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Boston Bomber

He Took Cues from

'Breaking Bad'

4/21/2013 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Boston Bomber
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a big fan of "Breaking Bad" ... praising the show for teaching him how to dispose of corpses.

Since his capture Friday ... a lot of information is surfacing about the 19-year-old Chechan college student who helped mastermind a deadly attack on the Boston Marathon and led police on a massive manhunt.

Turns out Dzhokhar was a fan of violent TV shows ... in particular "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad."

He tweeted earlier this year ... "Breaking Bad taught me how to dispose of a corpse."

As TMZ previously reported, his 26-year-old brother Tamerlan -- who was killed by cops during the manhunt -- was deep into hip hop.

Dzhokhar remains in police custody, in serious condition and unable to speak.


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Bobo Frog    

Sensationalist journalism at its finest.

548 days ago


I guess TMZ has pretty much lost all credible celebrity sources because of their Kardashian allegiance so now they are reduced to silly speculative stories about non-issues. Unless this POS terrorist was interest in making meth or wanting to know how dwarves get p*ssy, it would seem these shows and their relevance to the Boston bombings is ZIP.

548 days ago

Danilo Khury    

Free press can be a blessing and at the same time a curse...

You lost a great oportunity to shut the **** up TMZ.

548 days ago


Really TMZ

548 days ago

In Depth News    

Tsarnaev was tweeting lyrics from Jay Z after the bombing .

I not sure where TMZ is getting their information about breaking bad ?

548 days ago

Loves you    

And you keep bringing up the hip hop thing. Hip hop doesn't make you kill. People make the decision to kill and people know right from wrong.

548 days ago


One of the worst aspects of this crime is how easy the people of Boston surrendered their Constitutional rights. The city was basically placed under Martial law and no one challenged this, yet alone has brought this topic to the national forefront. Add the fact that the police conducted door to door searches is a clear violation of every Americans Constitutional rights. People should have been walking around with video cameras recording exactly what was going on.

Sad day for America and Im sure theres more bad news to come once politicians try to ban everything while having tsa shove their hands down your pants in public places. Remember this was a set up when you are being molested in most public places and events. This event will be used to justify these actions time and time again. But remember who really committed these acts and how many questions surrounded these events. The media will continue their brainwashing while they sell the ideas to the public. If you respect freedom and the Constitution you must reject these new proposed laws or actions.

548 days ago


They were BORN RUSSIANS The same way when a Person is BORN in PUERTO RICO is BORN an AMERICAN even though PUERTO RICO is only an AMERICAN Territory. --------- To Answer You, i was BORN in The CANARY ISLANDS and My NATIONALITY is from SPAIN even though The CANARY ISLANDS is only a Territory of SPAIN. ------ The Same goes for CHECHENS. ------ They are RUSSIANS By BIRTH ------------- The only way People from CHECHNYA can TRAVEL is with a PASSPORT from RUSSIA, Because They are RUSSIANS. ------------- To Further Answer You, People from CHECHNYA are NOT NATURALIZED RUSSIANS, The same way People from PUERTO RICO are NOT NATURALIZED AMERICANS, The same way People like ME BORN in The CANARY ISLANDS are NOT NATURALIZED SPANIARDS.........We Have The NATIONALITY from BIRTH. -------------Case Closed.

548 days ago


Hard To Believe These Two Russians, One Became a USA Citizen in 2012 and The One That Got Killed Was in The Process Of Becoming a USA Citizen Too......

548 days ago


This is stupid. If they took every tweet seriously, I would have been arrested a long time ago. And he is not the only fan of those shows.

548 days ago


It will be a great day when we dicard his corpse!

548 days ago


I like Breaking Bad, Dexter, and The Walking Dead. That does NOT mean that I am a violent person or that I want to hurt people. ::eye roll:: I think that they are reaching for ANYTHING that could help them figure out why this crime was committed.

548 days ago


News outlets don't even mention this so I wouldn't take this credible coming from a gossip site

548 days ago


Whatever TMZ shotty reporting once again, these shows have nothing to do with this sicko.

548 days ago


As I read this story I was wondering whose kid or younger sibling wrote it. These two men committed an act of terrorism against our country. Boston was chosen because they lived there and knew the area. This nonsensical story has nothing to do with the true intentions nor actions of these men. Our country and the Americans who met these two from all accounts welcomed them with open arms. The older brother was married and his wife converted to his religion. There are no stories of acts of prejudice against them. They took advantage of our open arms to those wanting freedom and a better way of life. No music or tv show caused that. Tmz your idiots to even suggest a trivial thing. Radical Muslin extremists want to KILL every single man, woman, and child who does not convert to their vision of being a Muslim. They have and will kill Muslims who don't go by their restrictive beliefs. And how hypocritcal these martrys--hopefully, a court of law will give the younger brother this wish--are just like the suicide bombers of 9/11, indulging in forbidden pleasures of the flesh before dieing for their radical cause. The United States very existence goes against everything these radicals believe. Tmz it's time to stop covering this story. You are trying to take one of the most serious issues of our time and turn it into an entertainment story. It's not.

548 days ago
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