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Reese Witherspoon


'You're About to Find Out Who I Am!'

4/22/2013 7:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 4/22/2013 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Reese Witherspoon Mugshot

6:33 AM PT --
Reese and Jim won't be in court today ... they had their cases continued until hearings set in Atlanta for May 22 and May 23, respectively.

9:40 PM PT
-- Reese has just released a statement, saying,

"Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now. But I do want to say I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said. It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that was no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. The words I used that night definitely do not reflect who I am. I have nothing but respect for the police and I am very sorry for my behavior."

Reese Witherspoon
 pulled her celebrity card out while her husband was getting arrested for DUI, telling the officer who ended up busting her, "You're about to find out who I am."

The arrests went down in Atlanta early Friday morning. Cops say they spotted Reese and her husband Jim Toth's car -- a silver Ford Fusion -- weaving in and out of lanes, so they pulled them over. 

As officers dealt with Jim, Reese allegedly started acting up, telling cops, "Do you know my name?" The officer answered by saying, "No, I don't need to know your name."

Witherspoon then came back with, "You're about to find out who I am ... You are going to be on national news."

During Jim's arrest, Reese allegedly became ornery, demonstrating visual and verbal frustration over how long it was taking to arrest her husband. At one point, she got out of her car and the officer ordered her back inside. When she got out a second time, he arrested her for disorderly conduct, a municipal ordinance.

They were both taken to jail, booked, and released a short time later. 

As for Toth's part of the arrest ... the officer in the report described him by saying his "eye lids were droopy" and his eyes were "blood shot and watery." The officer said he smelled a "strong odor" of alcohol coming from Toth.

The officer stated that Toth told him he only had one drink, but -- as first reported by Variety -- when given a Breathalyzer test, Toth's blood alcohol level was .139.

In Reese's defense maybe she played the celeb card because she had as much to drink as her hubby. Just sayin' ...



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I'm sure Reese has been freaking out a good bit today and crying because of all this negative publicity. Hope you guys are happy.

She wasn't even the one driving. She drank too much and wouldn't stay in the car because her intoxicated mind thought the cop might be beating her husband up like Rodney King several years ago in LA.

She lives in LA you know. She probably heard about the cops shooting at those innocent latino women during that Richard Dorner rampage a few months ago.

She might have thought the Atlanta cops were like the LAPD. The vast majority of cops are good, reasonable cops but lets face it there are some bad apples in every profession ... including police departments.

516 days ago


should anyone really be surprised by her diva attitude? she comes across snotty in all of her interviews and is rude to every paparazzi who ask her a simple question. for a hilarious take on her bit*hy attitude check out Kevin Smiths story about meeting her at

516 days ago


Thug in lipstick. Anyone who is BFF with Chelsey Handler is not a good girl. In the south we have always known who she is. Now everyone else does.

516 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Next stop for Reese:

Ryan Phillipe takes away her kids, this agent dude divorces her, her career ends up in the toliet and she goes on Celebrity Rehab.

516 days ago


Their children should of been orphans......

516 days ago


Legally blonde?? Maybe they can do a other sequel: legally drunk... Or legally stupid.. Or legally f$&@ed!!!

516 days ago


Hollywood is a forgiving place ... especially if you have a lot of talent. Robert Downey, Jr. was in and out of jail for several years in the late 90s before he got sober.

He even spent nearly a year in a state prison if I recall .... for drugs and probation violations. I remember him pretty much begging the judge not to send him to prison.

Look at him now. He's at the top of the A-list making huge money from big budget movies like Iron Man, Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, etc. His charm and wit is as sharp as ever if you saw him in Sherlock Holmes. Iron Man too.

I'm sure he's grateful to have made it back. He really did have one foot in the grave for a while there ... or a really long jail sentence.

Reese is talented too. She won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in that really good movie "Walk the Line". If she gets the right movie parts she does a good job. She'll be fine and probably be a fairly big star for another 20 years at least.

516 days ago


No biggie they are celebs slap on the wrist at most oh ya and pay.

516 days ago


reeses pieces mmm

516 days ago

ling ling    

I definitely know who you ARE now!

516 days ago


She asks "do you know who I am?" Maybe she was so drunk, she didn't know. The answer is yes, someone who is so full of herself she thinks she is superior. Nice example for your kids, you brat.

516 days ago


So wtf is her excuse for letting him drive drunk in the first place?
Let's all just go put other's in harms way because we're drunk celebrities -.-

516 days ago


Her husband mistake: driving drunk.
Her mistake: Pissing off a cop.
If you've ever had to actually try to fight any citation, ticket, fine in court etc... you'll realize that cops are free to write whatever they want in their reports. Some, specially in LA County, try to make it seem as if it was an action movie!! It's always your word against theirs, unless you have substantial proof to show otherwise. I've always been curious to know what happens to the cop, when such reports are proven false in court. If you piss off a cop by asking for your rights to be followed... you'll end up with a nasty report filled with exaggerations.

516 days ago


What a C___!! Can you imagine that she believes she is above the law...what a farce...trashy blonde

516 days ago


Who is this woman? A weather person on a Georgia TV station?

516 days ago
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