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Jim Jones

White Cops Harassed Me

... Because I'm Black

4/22/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422-jim-jones-frisked-searched-tmzJim Jones claims he was the victim of racial profiling at Newark Airport last week -- when he was pulled over by 4 white cops, who ordered him out of the car while they searched the vehicle for drugs ... and TMZ has the pic.

A rep for the "We Fly High" rapper tells us ... Jones was at the airport Friday, waiting to pick up a friend (who asks Jim Jones to pick them up from the airport?) when he was approached by a police officer who told Jim he smelled weed coming from Jones' car.

You can see in the pic ... four cops surrounded Jones while he was ordered out of the car and told to place his hands on the trunk. The cops searched both Jim's person and his car.

Jim's rep tells us ... cops didn't find a single piece of the green stuff -- but still issued Jim a citation for driving without a license.

Jim's rep says the rapper is furious over the incident -- explaining, "He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling."

A rep for the NY/NJ Port Authority tells us ... they were unaware of the situation and are currently looking into it.



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No you are a dumb a s s

514 days ago


look how ghetto his car looks, good for the cops for pulling him over. The only ppl who drive black cars way tinted are criminals. Why doesn't he have a license?

514 days ago


Using the Race card again Ridiculous If I got pulled over by a Black Cop I definitely would not say I was Harassed because I'm white This is 2013 Stop all this B.S

514 days ago


He could have been parked in a no-standing zone --- the cops have really cracked down on parking outside the terminal, and I bet they ramped up security again after the marathon bombs. Not buying his story about race.

514 days ago


Maybe if people didn't "sing" about drugs, guns, bitches and '**** 'da police' they wouldn't look for any excuse possible to pull you over.

514 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lol, cops are funny. as long as you harass the right persons, you can always count on a riot!! keep it up with the pester and badgering there! make em reaaallll angry!! just have to look to local politics to find out who is really getting cops to fulfill quotas of 'racial statistic gathering'. you know, like rent prices, housing prices, etc. these are very statistic datas which are very important for core level politics and state governing. more crime? lower rents and housing prices. low crime rates? fancy, nice lawned, sprawling family homes of preppy successful children. really, it's a pretty simply calculation. "rent control"

514 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

It's almost guaranteed that if you're black you're guilty of something... take for instance, like driving without a license in a high end car.

514 days ago


Come the day when JUST ONE of these monied rappers (or even coked-up 'no reality clowns' or even the head bangers) sues THE *&%$ out of these police-tards. If only they had 30 seconds of "Know Your Rights" training; and put <1% of their cash to the legal follow-up necessary, this would happen much less.

Its easier than you know to effectively deal with the police-tards on this--black, white or otherwise. Its even easier if you have even modest cash, let 'lone bling.

514 days ago


Blacks are just cry babies. They are the ones who won't let racism go by hey hold onto it to use it in times of need. When things don't go your way just cry racism. Can't get a job cry racism. Can't pass college cry racism. It's what they are best at

514 days ago


I couldnt imagine livin there as a black man gettin stopped and searched for no reason. It would scare me to death.

514 days ago


Oh yeah, definitely profiling at work here. No white person has ever been searched without police finding anything on them. That only ever happens to black people.

What a douche.

514 days ago


Of course they play the race card when they're doing illegal activities....

514 days ago


Its exhausting reading all the racist comments on TMZ and other websites every time there's a story about black people. Its such a lazy way to go about thngs to attack someone over their skin colour (we're in 2013 now morons). Im surprised President Obama wanted to be the leader of a nation with so many rednecks in it.

514 days ago


who is jim jones?

514 days ago


This happens to white and black people all the time. Must be nice for cops to be called racist for doing their jobs while a rapper can throw them under the bus so quickly and try to ruin their hard-working careers.

514 days ago
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