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Jim Jones

White Cops Harassed Me

... Because I'm Black

4/22/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422-jim-jones-frisked-searched-tmzJim Jones claims he was the victim of racial profiling at Newark Airport last week -- when he was pulled over by 4 white cops, who ordered him out of the car while they searched the vehicle for drugs ... and TMZ has the pic.

A rep for the "We Fly High" rapper tells us ... Jones was at the airport Friday, waiting to pick up a friend (who asks Jim Jones to pick them up from the airport?) when he was approached by a police officer who told Jim he smelled weed coming from Jones' car.

You can see in the pic ... four cops surrounded Jones while he was ordered out of the car and told to place his hands on the trunk. The cops searched both Jim's person and his car.

Jim's rep tells us ... cops didn't find a single piece of the green stuff -- but still issued Jim a citation for driving without a license.

Jim's rep says the rapper is furious over the incident -- explaining, "He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling."

A rep for the NY/NJ Port Authority tells us ... they were unaware of the situation and are currently looking into it.



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Wow ...    

I got pulled a few years ago by an officer who was the not the same color as I am. Now I understand, he was racist!!! It had NOTHING to do with my traffic violation.

547 days ago


hmmm, lets see.... the cop said that he smelled weed. The cop didn't find any weed or give him a ticket for driving under the influence of weed. I think it is safe to say that the cop LIED! Was it racial profiling or the cop didn't like the way the guy looked?

547 days ago


Operating a motor vehicle without a license and they didn't impound this fool's car.
STILL playing the race card? C'mon man!

547 days ago


They pulled him over because they smelled weed and proceeded to search his car. OTHERWISE, they wouldn't have known if he had his license on him or not...

547 days ago


Be more of a surprise if he didn't claim it was a racist deal. When is it news a black thinks he was not treated fairly. I guess the white GA cops were surprised when they realized Reece is white. Wait a minute was that a black cop that arrested her. Us whites can't get a fair shake from a black cop after all. STFU cops hassle all of us. The white pot head in a concert t. the Mexican with no i.d. Blacks are so f**cking narcissistic they think it's a race thing all the time.

547 days ago


Waa-Waa-Waa, as he cries his rich ass all the way to the bank.

547 days ago


He should have pulled the Reese witherspoon card! "Don't you know who I am!! " if I was that cop I would of clubbed her drunk dumbass in the head!

547 days ago


Jim Jones? The cult leader of jonestown???

547 days ago


When all else fails, pull the race card. As a minority, you get special treatment...and u take advantage. Yet you want equality. Which is it.

547 days ago


Jim Jones IS a white guy who drank the koolaid.

547 days ago


You were being bothered with because you were doing something wrong...the racial card bull**** is such a tired act. Man up instead of whining like a a ****ing ****

547 days ago


Best excuse ever for a black person...its because I'm black isn't?How original.

547 days ago


So I guess the.cops smelled weed on him as he drove bye or maybe they were psychic and knew he didn't have a license?? Sounds like profiling to me!

547 days ago


@jimjones oh shut up...... @BlacksSickOfBlacksAlwaysPullingTheRaceCard

547 days ago

Buzz's girlfriend...WOOF!    

So tired of black people using the race card! Get the f u c k over it!

547 days ago
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