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'Devils Ride' Star

Trying to Cop Deal

Over Hit & Run, DUI

4/23/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"The Devils Ride" star Chris Boultinghouse is in the middle of negotiating a big deal ... but it's not a new reality show ... it's a plea bargain over a DUI.

We've learned ... Boultinghouse's lawyer was in court last week ... trying to bring a quick end to what has been a 5-month legal order.

Boultinghouse has been charged with hit and run and TWO counts of DUI after he allegedly went on a drunken joyride in November through the mean streets of the O.C..

White Boi -- as he's known on the Discovery reality show about a San Diego biker gang -- allegedly smashed his Escalade into a Toyota Prius and bolted.

But he didn't get far ... we're told a few Good Samaritans called 911 with his license plate number, and cops quickly tracked him down. Police say he reeked of alcohol and bombed his field sobriety test.

Ride with the devil, get the horns.


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The devils dewsh! I have never seen a bigger bunch of poser wannabee 1%ers who are one hundred percent %99ers! These clowns are like my condo HOA trying to come off as button soldiers of the Gambino crime family!

I cannot watch anymore... I would rather be forced to watch 100 episodes of Kim Kloe take Miami and 100 episodes of tow truck show - than see these manginas trying so hard to be hard.

547 days ago


Doesn't deserve THIS publicity!! Lousy show

547 days ago


So FAKE. Every wonder what happened to Gypsy (pres of laughing devils from the first season)? He was arrested for sexually assaulting his 12 year old stepdaughter. However, they explained on the show that he made some "inappropriate decisions".. yeah I'd say so. AND "Sinister Mob" is trademarked by the Discovery Channel... ridiculous

547 days ago


Embarassed to say i watch the show, yes its fake but i still get sucked in a curious wut will happen.

546 days ago


This show is FAKE and this guy is the worst kind of wannabe!

546 days ago


What puzzles me is why would real Hells Angels participate in a show after is was already revealed that a CHILD MOLESTER was in the show! Are they that desperate to get their club music out there. The Hells Angels are even FAKE now! To much reality TV!

546 days ago

mr. greenman    

what the hell are real Hells Angels be doing working on a show that has a member that has been arrested for being a CHILD MOLESTER! are they that desperate to get that I am the darkness song on tv? that they have started working with PEDOPHILES. I suggest they go back to their life of crime and forget about being reality tv stars. and who ever did that song needs to keep their day job cause he sticks.

546 days ago

Larry Green    

why would real Hells Angels participate in a fake ass show that would employ a CHILD MOLESTER?
Are they that desperate to get this lame I am the darkness song on the air? Hells Angels need to focus more on their crime and less at trying to get famous on reality tv, and what ever Hells Angel sang that song needs to stick to his day job because he stinks!!

546 days ago


They used to be a real MC however there was a lot of controversy when they signed up for this show. All MC clubs in San Diego quickly distanced themselves from the LDMC. If you notice in season 2 a lot of the club members are gone. They have all left and joined other MCs. I can honestly say prior to this show I would see LDMC wearing their colors all over out here in East County of San Diego. Now I don't remember the last time I saw one. Also have never seen Sin Mob riding with their colors. All the guys I know who were in the club have left it because of this BS reality show. By the way burning a trailer in the desert east of San Diego would have Border Patrol on them quicker than a fly to sh*t. Definitely a staged show now.

546 days ago


All bikers are sissies. They can only fight in a group, never one on one.

546 days ago


This guy is a gay porn actor! He will just end up ratting on everybody!

546 days ago


I frickin' love this show. The characters on TheDevils Ride are great.

546 days ago


I personally really like this show. Not so sure about White Boi, but, love Rock'em. Funny sh*t when they made the prospect head out to wait for a package in the desert. Cool video. was that on the show?

546 days ago


This show is awesome! 2nd season is SOOOO much better than season 1. I also know there IS a lot of support within RED and WHITE for this show. Griz is rocks!!!!

546 days ago


Love this show! Can't believe he got pinched. Sux

545 days ago
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