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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans


Heroin & Assault

4/23/2013 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jenelle Evans
is back behind bars -- the "Teen Mom 2" star was arrested in North Carolina today for possession of a BUNCH of heroin ... and is also accused of attacking her husband, TMZ has learned. 

According to court documents obtained by TMZ ... cops discovered 12 bindles of heroin in Jenelle's possession when they arrived to her home following an alleged domestic dispute with her husband, Courtland Rogers.

FYI -- a bindle is commonly known as a small paper packet used for storing drugs.

According to the docs, Evans was also found to be illegally in possession of Percocet (a prescription painkiller) ... as well as plastic wrapping paper and a glass smoking pipe, which is considered illegal drug paraphernalia.

As for the assault charge, cops say Evans struck Rogers with a piece of furniture during a domestic dispute.

Rogers was arrested too -- cops say he assaulted Jenelle by "hitting her on the neck and striking her with a closed fist on her head."

Cops say Rogers was also in possession of heroin with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute ... and drug paraphernalia.  According to police, both Evans and Rogers denied possession of the heroin ... which is why they were both charged.

At the time of her arrest, 21-year-old Evans was also served with a warrant for failing to pay child support.

Evans has a history of legal problems -- she tested positive for marijuana and opiates while on probation ... and she was also involved in an epic girl-on-girl brawl in 2011.



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No story here. Just your typical modern teenager doing what she learned by watching reality TV and Hollywood movies.

512 days ago


Hello all, I've have a few things to say Here,,
Jenelle Evans, Is a DISGRACE to OUR Community, Wilmington/Brunswick Beach's, As a Whole.. YES We DO have a Major problem coming up, Herion.. As of Late..
It is really SAD this Girl choose to WASTE HER LIFE on becoming a Junkie... When those MTV dollars could-of bought Her a nice home et al, here around OUR area(s),( Homes are fairly cheap here) putting Herself through Community College, (BCC), learning anything/something getting a decent Job.. WE here in ILM/Brunswick Co, DISPISE HER! Though honestly, She'll play for, "SHOP" the Judge, getting in front of Judge Jolly, getting off almost Scott free, Sad but true, Look on the Brunswick Beacon when Her court Date happens...

512 days ago


If Janelle's baby boy cant change her life for the better...NOTHING WILL!

512 days ago


Um TMZ, it's called a BUNDLE not a "bindle" - nice try on attempting to be street smart.

512 days ago


all she is dope head
she dont treat people right mostly her mom n her son dont need be with her at all he need stay away form her

512 days ago


I can hear her mother in my head, "Jenelle!!!"

512 days ago

chasity roscoe    

praying for her wow im in shock at the comments on here what judge mental people we have in this world and just think god will forgive her see he is a forgiving god but as far as some of these judge mental people get down and pray for god to forgive you for all the rude comments woooooooooooow

512 days ago


seriously?? her mom took her son away from her and excepts her to pay child suppost when shes making money of the show??????? how can she be a mom if her mom doesnt act like one!

512 days ago


Where can I find myself a lady like this!

512 days ago


Loser!!! Lock her up & throw away the keys !!!

512 days ago


MTV please stop giving this girl (and the rest of them) money. They are losers.

512 days ago


Nothing is ever her fault - she is a professional victim. Someone offer this idiot $10k to have a hysterectomy so she quits breeding.

512 days ago


The judge needs to throw the book at her. Rehab obviously isnt working shes a aorry excuse for a human being she shouldve given Jace up for adoption at least then he wouldnt have to grow up in her chaos

512 days ago


How did MTV happen to pick nothing but the bottom of the barrel for that show?

512 days ago

Kara Myers    

The ignorance of all these people makes me want to kill myself. What a beautiful world we live in.

511 days ago
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