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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans


Heroin & Assault

4/23/2013 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jenelle Evans
is back behind bars -- the "Teen Mom 2" star was arrested in North Carolina today for possession of a BUNCH of heroin ... and is also accused of attacking her husband, TMZ has learned. 

According to court documents obtained by TMZ ... cops discovered 12 bindles of heroin in Jenelle's possession when they arrived to her home following an alleged domestic dispute with her husband, Courtland Rogers.

FYI -- a bindle is commonly known as a small paper packet used for storing drugs.

According to the docs, Evans was also found to be illegally in possession of Percocet (a prescription painkiller) ... as well as plastic wrapping paper and a glass smoking pipe, which is considered illegal drug paraphernalia.

As for the assault charge, cops say Evans struck Rogers with a piece of furniture during a domestic dispute.

Rogers was arrested too -- cops say he assaulted Jenelle by "hitting her on the neck and striking her with a closed fist on her head."

Cops say Rogers was also in possession of heroin with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute ... and drug paraphernalia.  According to police, both Evans and Rogers denied possession of the heroin ... which is why they were both charged.

At the time of her arrest, 21-year-old Evans was also served with a warrant for failing to pay child support.

Evans has a history of legal problems -- she tested positive for marijuana and opiates while on probation ... and she was also involved in an epic girl-on-girl brawl in 2011.



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Thomas Jefferson    

Not a story! Why is Harvey pushing these nobodys in the limelight????????

517 days ago

Joe t. Pico    

Whats next? Porn

517 days ago


Hay jahhnelle yah goin to prison....keifah should be proud and happy that ur a big druggie fo sho

517 days ago


This petite girl is just 5'2" and probably weighs around 100 pounds or so. I bet a girl that small could easily overdose on heroin or prescription drugs. Sending her to women's prison might save her life for real. Maybe she'll be less "stuck on stupid" after she gets out of prison. I wouldn't bet on it. Never know though.

517 days ago


Well at least her pathetic looking new boobs will keep her company in jail. Hope Barbra doesn't bail this POS out again. NEVER, EVER, let this POS have her child.

517 days ago


Rappers glorify drugs/sex/cash. MTV Teen moms make sex videos and sell drugs and want cash... MTV it isn't your fault.

517 days ago


Maybe she can be cellies with amber

517 days ago



517 days ago


I hope she finally gets the help she needs. Hopefully the court will offer her diversion and she takes rehab seriously. As a woman who can't have children it always pisses me off that girls like her are blessed with such a gift. Wake up, Janelle!!

517 days ago


She's a human being. Heroin addiction is a terrible thing to go through. For both the addict, and their loved ones. It's pure agony for all involved. I hope she gets the help she needs. For her sake, and her son.

517 days ago


MTV do the right thing here. Fire this women, set a standard for your employee's this type of behavior is not acceptable.

517 days ago


Don't follow fellow slut Farrah!

517 days ago


This is the girl who, just this morning posted that she was "SOBER" ... as if anyone actually believes that. Her tweet:

517 days ago


Jenelle needs hardcore prison time. She needs to stop being let off the hook and stop being allowed to go to those resort rehabs. Prison was the best thing that ever happened to Amber Portwood from Teen Mom. Jenelle needs serious help because she's going to kill herself if she doesn't get it. There is no way she lives past her 20's if she doesn't change.

517 days ago


WOW! just wow! This girl is fake!
1. Did you REALLY think she was clean? NO! Her face is clearly changing into a face of an addict.
2. MTV- although I love seeing the REAL moms grow into different directions and make choices, you need to dispose of Jenelle until she is well. I want to root for Jenelle SO bad but the girl not only has drug issues, but needs help w/ her depression, bipolar, etc. THE RIGHT HELP! Not some quack doctor.
3. MTV- One, maybe Two, seasons of 16 and pregnant and onto Teen mom would've sufficed but to continue making these shows to "prevent" pregnancy, I think, is no longer working. You should've stopped while you were ahead.

I wish all of the moms well, they are learning just like I did when I was 17 and had my first child. My mom gave me the three choice of having a baby, aborting (which I DO NOT believe in) or adoption. I chose to keep her. We are the best of friends and she has seen my struggles because we have struggled together. Why not find moms who aren't crappy parents and do***ent them? Chelsea, Leah, and actually, although Kail could use some therapy too, I'd actually like to see her "grow" .. We all struggle, but you do have choices.

I hope Jenelle gets clean, maybe jail time will do it for her.

517 days ago
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