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Jermaine Jackson

Defies MJ's Policy

Kids Need Their Mom

4/23/2013 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
is rolling in his grave -- because brother Jermaine Jackson is now encouraging MJ's daughter to spend time with her birth mom.

MJ famously never wanted his kids Prince and Paris to have a relationship with their biological mother Debbie Rowe -- cutting off all contact between Debbie and the children after their divorce in 1999. Debbie gave away all custody rights in 2001.

But Jermaine has reversed Michael's policy -- telling TMZ, it's great that Paris is getting to know her mom.

Prince on the other hand ...


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Debbie was an egg donor and incubator; I don't mean it to sound so crudely but she was; I had always gotten that out of their whole relationship following it over the years. Why they got married? I think it was for appearances sake; but he wanted kids and didn't want another parent involved. They had a good agreement over the years and didn't part in a bad way; and as the donor she respected his wishes. People do this for other couples and people all the time so I don't think she should be villanized the way she's been in the press. The parent who made this agreement is gone, and yes, for legality sake she was denied involvement for the sake of the estate and what was in it; but at the end of the day she's their mom, and if they want a relationship with her I say go for it! The rest of us, including TMZ need to stay out of it; it seems as if Debbie could be the closest thing to normal in these kids lives at this point, for as whacky as that sounds.

517 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

Jermaine is disgusting with his man-boobs. No one cares what he says. And Debbie is the one who decided to give up rights, tmz you suck. As Mary P said in her post earlier there are tons of celebs you could talk about but you only focus on a few all the time. Its great that Paris is having relationship with her mother and the money hungry Jacksons can't do anything about it. Once these kids turn 18 hopefully they won't give those greedy jerks the time of day.

517 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

If Michael could see the way his so-called saint of a mother and his horrible family have acted and how they have exploited the kids he would DEFINATELY want his kids with someone else! He's already rolled in his grave a billion times! He was the only sane one in the bunch and was not like them in the least bit.

517 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

To "defy" something would imply that jermaine has something to do with it, he has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING about Michael or Michaels kids. Jermaine should worry about the next bra size he needs to wear! PUKE!!

517 days ago

mj fan forever    

Most probably Jermaine hopes that that horrible woman can make him get Michael Jackson's money, since she even filed court do***ents to get the custody of her children (i.e. Michael Jackson's inheritance), as she has always been used to do, blackmailing Michael every time she needed more money!!! And since he miserably failed when tried to challenge his will. They are made of the same stuff for sure!!!!

517 days ago


The kids have really blossomed since MJ died. It's like it the best thing that ever could have happened for them. Sad, but true.

517 days ago


How good a mother could she be if she gave them away for money nit once but twice! I just hope she tellstthem who their bio dad is. Everyone should have access to their genetic history.

517 days ago


Its difficult to decide who is a bigger Loser: Debbie Rowe, Jermaine Jackson or Michael's kids. I will take "People No One Cares About" for $500 Alex.......

517 days ago


TMZ you need to stop with this BS. Everyone with an IQ over 50 can see what you are trying to do here...

517 days ago




517 days ago


$40 billion: If it's not all about money then why doesn't Katherine amend her lawsuit against AEG to reflect zero dollars?

Debbie Rowe did have a relationship with her children when they were babies and lived at Neverland for a period of time.

Rowe & Jackson divorced on October 8, 1999, finalized in April 2000. Rowe received an $8.5 million settlement (payable at $1 million per year x 8 years) and a house in Beverly Hills, California. In 2001 Rowe went to a private judge to have her parental rights for the two children terminated. In 2004, after Jackson was charged with 10 counts of child abuse, she went to court to have the decision reversed which the judge granted. On the witness stand, in the April 2005 People v. Jackson case, she explained that she had been allowed limited visits to her children, for eight hours every 45 days. April 2005-A new custody hearing will happen next month (May). Rowe’s legal bills have to be mounting, and her million-a-year divorce stipend from Jackson has been cut off since Rowe appeared on Entertainment Tonight to tell the story of her life. In June 2005 MJ left for Bahrain. MJ’s Estate paid Debbie the balance owed to her from MJ per their contract.

517 days ago


TMZ - Why don't you put your employees children in the media? Why do you enjoy exploiting children under the age of 18? Leave children alone!!!!!

517 days ago

Max Smart    

Of course Jermaine is an expert on happy families.

517 days ago

Smelly Ass MiMi    

i SMELL conspiracy, murder, a rat, oh, sorry it was all me!!!

517 days ago

Fred Farkel    

About 100 years ago I worked with the cast and crew of THE FACTS OF LIFE and I will never EVER forget what Jermaine smelled like when he made a guest appearance.


517 days ago
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