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Kate Middleton

Not All Famous Preggo Chicks Have to Be HUGE

4/23/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If pregnant women were capable of jealousy, one would say Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson might be a little covetous of Kate Middleton's physique -- 'cause they're all due around the same time, and well, one of these things is not like the other.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Willows Primary School in Manchester, England yesterday ... and you could BARELY tell she was with fetus.

Kate's due to give birth to Prince William's baby in July ... the same time Kim K's due ... and Jessica is also expected to deliver kid #2 sometime around then.



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a long time Leno fan!    

Princess Kate is perfect in so many ways its actually embarrassing to see those two food vacuum receptacles represent American moms. Here she exhibits exactly what those other heifers do not - self control and respect for her body. Watching the two human targets slop around in a swimming pool this summer: priceless yet undesirable.

556 days ago


A healthy baby is ALL THAT MATTERS!

556 days ago


It could also mean poor gestational development too.

556 days ago

Amy E    

Kate looks incredibly beautiful and elegant! She is truly glowing and looks healthy. A very classy lady. Kim, Jessica, any other woman who wears those skin-tight, unflattering clothes, could take a lesson from the lovely Duchess!

556 days ago


I don't understand why it's such a big deal on how big you get when you're pregnant. Like you have a baby inside you...what do you expect. Every woman is different. Stop comparing.

556 days ago


Too be fair Kim and Jessica are both like 5 feet each, when you're short and you gain weight you tend to look stumpier. I don't know how tall Princess Kate is, but if she is a lot taller than the other two her weight gain would be distributed more evenly.

556 days ago


I think TMZ should start showing pictures of KK that all the other sites show--the one yesterday of her getting in a car was pretty hilarious. Talk about your wide load. As for the pregnancy, Kim doesn't belong in a story with Kate Middleton and Jessica. I'm sure they are offended.

556 days ago


I'm not a big fan of Kim K,or Jessica but you bullies on TMZ boards should stop calling them fat they're pregnant & stop comparing to someone that is clearly a lot taller than they are !!!! Stupid motherfuc.....

556 days ago


Kate is happily married. The other two are not.

Jessica was silly enough to believe she can eat whatever she wanted and bounce back once the baby pops out.

Kim was gorging from being dump by Kanye early in her pregnancy and never stopped eating.

556 days ago


TMZ, you're a bunch of a-holes. Pregnant women can only control weight gain so much and you're putting on a pedestal the pregnancy look of someone who struggled with anorexia in the past? Ever think maybe the women you deride are healthy and maybe the Dutchess is the one with a serious problem? A-holes.

556 days ago


And not only is she gorgeous, she has more class in her pinky finger than those other ones have in their entire bellies.

556 days ago


She doesn't even look like she's got one fetus in there, much less two. She SHOULD be MUCH bigger at six months. There is nothing wrong with Kim or Jessica - Middleton is a fraud.

556 days ago


So now a small belly is the measure of a healthy pregnancy? With my first baby I looked like Kate, because there was a problem with the umbilical cord that affected my daughter's growth. She weighed 4.5lbs when she was born and was NOT healthy. My second pregnancy, I gained 32lbs, my belly was big and round, and my baby was a healthy 7lb 10oz. Both times, I lost the weight in about 4 months. This is super lame.

556 days ago


I am 7 months preggo and am big like jess and kim, and would much rather be big than sooo small like kate and be worried about baby! Kim and Jess look amazing and so do I and I think this is bull****....

556 days ago


considering every pregnancy is different, obviously every pregnant *woman* would be different... not fair expecting everyone to look like a supermodel who swallowed a basketball....
i understand, much like the fashion industry, this site is run by a gay male... and we all know how encouraging of women's bodies the fashion industry is *rolls eyes*

556 days ago
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