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Kate Middleton

Not All Famous Preggo Chicks Have to Be HUGE

4/23/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If pregnant women were capable of jealousy, one would say Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson might be a little covetous of Kate Middleton's physique -- 'cause they're all due around the same time, and well, one of these things is not like the other.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Willows Primary School in Manchester, England yesterday ... and you could BARELY tell she was with fetus.

Kate's due to give birth to Prince William's baby in July ... the same time Kim K's due ... and Jessica is also expected to deliver kid #2 sometime around then.



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LMFAO, so, Kanye is now back in NYC and Kimmykakes is conveniently looking pregnant. THAT"S NOT THE BABY BUMP she was sporting three days ago when you removed the thread in the White with black trim dress.
Princess Kate is just radiant. Poor Kimmykakes, no amount of makeup will ever give her that kind of pregnancy glow.

551 days ago


One of the three “Cares” about her body and does not eat like a pig.
One of the three has “Morals” and was married before she started a family.
One of the three is more attractive, famous and noteworthy than the others.

551 days ago


No kidding!! With both Of my pregnancies I didn't start showing until my 6th month.. I was still able to wear my regular clothes

551 days ago

I'll Never Tell    

This one is a fail TMZ. Kate, Kim, and Jessica are individual women whose bodies are different pregnant or not. Every woman's body responds differently to pregnancy and you can't compare apples, to pears, to hour glasses. Each of these ladies is healthy and beautiful let's celebrate that shall we.

551 days ago


TMZ, I hate the title of this. Kim and Jessica aren't HUGE , they're pregnant!!! It's disrespectful to tell women they are huge when they're carrying a baby inside them!!! Kate just has a different figure - nothing wong with that. she also looks fabulous. How about stop letting immature 20 year old boys write these articles, because frankly this is offensive.

551 days ago


I told yall Kim k a fat cow.

551 days ago


Yeah, and Kate's gonna end up with a little, skinny 5 or 6 pounder.

551 days ago


I'm absolutely outraged by this article. the JERKS who wrote this is the reason why stars have eating disorders and put their lives at risk - because of the constant pressure to be skinny - and that people like you will make fun of them. What do you expect Kim and Jessica to do starve themselves while pregant? Kate is a lot taller and kim and jessica are shorter - all look great. it's just their body types. They are carrying a baby and this is so wrong on so many levels to be calling kim and jessica HUGE. the immature 19 year olds working at TMZ need a MAJOR wakeup call. I sincerely hope they don't ever get married - or that someone enlightens them on pregnancy and women before they do. Shame on everyone who participated in this disgusting/judgemental article.

551 days ago


The difference is easy. She is a lot taller.

551 days ago


Middleton was hospitalized for extreme morning sickness & was diagnosed with hyperemesis. People with hyperemesis lose weight in the first trimester because THEY CAN'T STOP VOMITING. So gross that you would compare her weight gain to that of women with healthy pregnancies.

551 days ago


Why the hell would Kim and Jessica be jealous of Kate Middleton's malnouished fetus?

If her baby is due in a couple of months, I suggest she should eat more. Poor baby.

551 days ago


The 2 Americans eat like pigs, so of course they look the way they do. They don't eat healthy and they don't think about the life inside of them. Kate is active and lives a good, clean, healthy life. Maybe those 2 bimbos should take after her. Still don't think KK is actually pregnant.

551 days ago


I am a guy and reading these comments is very telling - All the women getting all defensive are most likely the onces that had a "hoover style" pregnancy. Yes women will be different shapes during pregnancy - we get that. However, the two hungry american hippos are not healthy and not taking care of their babies. McDonalds is not nourishment, and lots of it doesn't make it more healthy. I think both those hippos cars would find the nearest cinnabon without a driver.

Healthy Big = no problem

KK & JS Big = piggy piggy.

551 days ago


A Beautiful Woman

551 days ago


This article makes me sick. Calling pregnant women huge?? Kate was sick throughout her pregnancy! Everyone carries differently. I'm giving up Tmz. This one went too far.

551 days ago
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