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Kate Middleton

Not All Famous Preggo Chicks Have to Be HUGE

4/23/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If pregnant women were capable of jealousy, one would say Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson might be a little covetous of Kate Middleton's physique -- 'cause they're all due around the same time, and well, one of these things is not like the other.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Willows Primary School in Manchester, England yesterday ... and you could BARELY tell she was with fetus.

Kate's due to give birth to Prince William's baby in July ... the same time Kim K's due ... and Jessica is also expected to deliver kid #2 sometime around then.



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Even though I was bigger than Kate when I was pregnant, I sooo agree. So many women simply use pregnancy as an excuse for out of control, GLUTTONOUS, unhealthy, junk food eating. In evolutionary terms, women's bodies are designed to store as much fat as possible during pregnancy in case a famine happened after the birth and there was not sufficient caloric intake for breastfeeding. In modern times though you will get enough calories for breastfeeding just through daily diet - the body has no need to dip into energy "stores", which is why many women never lose "baby weight". Most pregnancy fat gain serves no modern purpose other than giving you the job of losing it - it's not helping out the kid, or you, unless you happen to be anorexic or something. So any pregnancy weight over about 25lb or so is simply like ANY normal weight gain you might get from pigging out and will take hard work and discipline to lose.

550 days ago


Yes they all have different body types but it is also how they dress themselves. Kate doesn't seem to wear much that is form fitted or stuck to every curve in her body while Jessica and Kim keep wearing outfits that are super clingy. Its really how you dress yourself. I am sure Kate would look just as trashy if she wore trashier clothes vs the nice outfits she always is in!

550 days ago


Whoever wrote the headline and the story is an idiot. They have no clue about how women can carry differently depending on their body type, not just the weight.

550 days ago


The Duchess of Cambridge is also TALL-- at least five feet ten inches. Taller women do not show as early as shorter women. Both Kardashian and Simpson are shorter-- five feet two to five feet three inches, and weight gain shows much more quickly in a petite person!

550 days ago


Kate looks great....she must be following drs. orders to a t. You are only supposed to gain like 30 libs...for the whole pregnancy.

550 days ago


i'm not one to constantly hound on feminist issues- particularly when on a gossip cite about hollywood, where everything is about image. but this story is the most ****ing ridiculous and insulting thing to women i can imagine. are you ****ing kidding me? all women have different pregnancies. some of us gain a ton of weight b/c the only thing that keeps us from puking is carbs... and some just look like they gained a ton of weight b/c they're only like 2 feet tall (kim and jessica). i mean, c'mon- you pieces of **** needs to get your head out of your asses and stop being so ridiculously insulting to women. go **** yourselves you stupid ignorant shallow pigs. i hope all of your wives puke their guts out for 10 months so that you can possibly learn some compassion for what women go through during pregnancy you stupid pigs.

550 days ago


Yeah and Kate probaby feels like crap! Remember she had to go to the hospital for severe morning sickness. She probably can't stomach anything, I just hope her baby is getting enough nutrition. Personally, I would rather look like hell but feel okay, than vice versa.

550 days ago


All women are different and carry their babies and their weight gain differently. Not to mention you can have totally different pregnancies.. One of my babies I gained 60 pounds and my last baby I only gained 5 so it all depends..

550 days ago


In addition to the obvious difference in body type and height I can attest that Kate Middleton had a lot more size before her marriage to William. She suddenly lost alot of weight (who can forget the extreme diet Kate and her mother was on before her wedding) which I think doesn't look good on her anyway. She just looks starved and thin with a boyish body. I'm not a fan of Kim so I could care less if she gets as big as the mansion she's building with Kanye. Jessica has the most natural body of the three and I believe she can loose the weight like she did after her first child. Just don't hound her about it TMZ!!!!!!

550 days ago


Uh.... guys.... Kate is SUPER thin and tall. The other two are not, therefore, pregnancy is going to look different on all of them. Plus, one of them has been pregnant before and that has a major impact on things, too. It's awful that women can't even be pregnant without being compared to other pregnant women and how they look. Ugh. Its no wonder so many young women have issues about their bodies when idiots post things like this.

550 days ago


Kate Middleton is a beautiful pregnant woman.

550 days ago


Just the fat slob American Hollywood types get massive, these are the 2 ton slobs the brain dead Americans call " stars"

550 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

With Jessica, this is her second kid in two years, so she has an excuse for being rather huge. Kim K is just a pig with the worst fashion sense EVER.

550 days ago


Kate is having twins and looks beautiful. You don't have to eat the whole cow when your prego...the other two hogs look like they are having octuplets!

550 days ago


Bottom line, people who care too much about weight gain during pregnancy SHOULDN'T have children. My mother ate pretty healthily and exercised but still indulged and gained 60 lbs with each of us. And guess what? within 6 months she lost it all from breast feeding. This whole baby weight craze is the lowest of all garbage 'journalism' and anyone who takes it seriously is soul less. But these are the same a**holes who jump on the anti bullying bandwagon all day long. ha.

550 days ago
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