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Kate Middleton

Not All Famous Preggo Chicks Have to Be HUGE

4/23/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If pregnant women were capable of jealousy, one would say Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson might be a little covetous of Kate Middleton's physique -- 'cause they're all due around the same time, and well, one of these things is not like the other.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Willows Primary School in Manchester, England yesterday ... and you could BARELY tell she was with fetus.

Kate's due to give birth to Prince William's baby in July ... the same time Kim K's due ... and Jessica is also expected to deliver kid #2 sometime around then.



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What a completely degrading and tasteless article. Every pregnant woman carries a baby differently. You also have to factor in various health problems such as preeclampsia, swelling, etc. Whoever wrote this article has either never been pregnant or (assuming they are a man) knows absolutely zilch about pregnancy.

512 days ago


Kate's baby might be in a different position ? Unless your trying to state the British women are slimmer than American women when pregnant but we all know that wouldn't be right to say.

512 days ago


Oh yes, more differences than just size. Kate is class and Kim and Jessica are trash.

512 days ago


Kim stop wearing black so often, it's like your always ready for a funereal !

512 days ago


It's disgusting that some people take shots at pregnant women and their weight gain. The weight gain depends on the family history, how many children she has had, the age of the fetus, and even the amount of amniotic fluid. People who just think a woman just sits around and eat so that's why they're "fat" are just ignorant. All three of these women are lucky and seem very happy to become mothers. A healthy baby and mother is what should matter.

512 days ago


To be fair Kate is like half a foot taller and has way smaller boobs. Their different body types really play a key roll and I don't think Any one should be making fun of a pregnant woman's weight.

512 days ago


tmz, you are officially a trol.

512 days ago


JS and KK are unhealthy. You're only supposed to gain 25-30 lbs during pregnancy. Also it's not an excuse to eat junk food. Your child needs nutrients. You should be eating bigger portions of healthy food.

512 days ago


My mom is 5'2" and has large breasts but was 100lbs when she got pregnant with me, she delivered me at 200lbs. She was a personal trainer and ate very healthy, the problem was me. I had an autoimmune disease from the start and was affecting her. She was high risk, almost died giving birth but made it through to give birth to a healthy baby, me, aside that I take meds for my genetic autoimmune disease which is impossible to do anything about in the womb. She was back in a bikini 4 months later and you could not even tell she had a kid. No stretch marks. Her second pregnancy she went from 100lbs to 130lbs at time of delivery, but my brother did not get the genetic connection like I did. Point is these women are pregnant. All pregnancies are different and the man that wrote this tasteless article needs to Slam his dick in his desk drawer.

512 days ago


How can you compare two women who are 5'2", 5'3"ish to Kate Middleton who is 5'10"

512 days ago


This article is in such poor taste. How classless do you need to be to criticize a pregnant woman's weight???

512 days ago


england dont have all the preservative in they food like the states besides jess and kim want weight lose deals

512 days ago


she looks great ...and you can eat what ever as long as the baby is healthy thats all that matter...u can worry about the weight after the child is born....and who doesnt want to gain weight when ur a prego....if u ask me u are being selfish....shame on you...GOODDAY

512 days ago


Yea because she probably starving herself to stay skinny. So stupid to compare pregnant peoples bodies. Look at your office you have fat ugly people gay looking people then theirs Harvey yellow ass crooked teeth. Y'all ain't perfect stop judging other's.

512 days ago


Come on TMZ!!! Do not compare a top class princess to a prostitute like Kim! Jess is ok, still do not compare them to a Princess! Who dated her husband for about 10 years, got married and then got pregnant! Or yes, almost forgot, Kate also went university and has got a degree! (Brains)! Top class woman Kate!

512 days ago
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