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Kim and Kanye

Face Homelessness

When Baby Is Born

4/23/2013 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tough times have hit Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ... they may not have a roof over their heads to care for their newborn child.  The stark reality is ... they may be homeless.

Here's why the couple is in dire straits ...

- Kim's $5 million Beverly Hills home has been sold, and she needs to be out by Aug. 1.

- Kanye's $3.3 million Hollywood Hills house is about to be sold -- and he's already moved out.

- Contractors have ripped apart the couple's new Bel Air estate ... the one they bought in February for $9 million ... and there's NO WAY it'll be ready in time.

So what is a young, struggling couple to do?  They're considering the worst option for any couple ... the in-laws.  In this case, they may stay with the Queen of F***ing Everything until renovations are completed at the new digs.

But there's one more option they're seriously considering ... renting a crib for $50k a month.

The recession has been hard on everyone.



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460 days ago


REALLLLY !!!! TMZ I so love you guys but this Crap just made me want and did make me puk like....... Those two will never be homeless and to speak of them like awe poor assclowns really Piss's me off there are truely to many homeless here

460 days ago


Boo freaking hoo, cause yeah they will really be homeless when the baby is born. How bout real people who have to be homeless and don't have the benefits that they do. So over these two, Kanye is a piece of work who should just step out of the limelight, and Kim has no talent so move to Paris and be done with it

460 days ago


Like the video at: says:
"Kim Kardashian's ass is made up of left over Bruce Jenner face parts."

460 days ago


459 days ago


Gee, I feel such sympathy for them...

459 days ago


Nice Joke. Too bad I am too tired to laugh.

459 days ago


I'm tired of hearing about this fake relationship these two are having.

459 days ago


Not that I have a problem with Kimye. But I feel like this shouldn't even be a story to look into. When we have millions of homeless people in this country who CANNOT afford anything, let alone rent a place for 50k a month. I mean how dare Kim and Kanye get a regular priced place instead of buying a house with 12 bedrooms, when all they need is a master and nursery.

I could never understand millionaires, and why they waste money on bull****. Especially on houses, they hardly live in. Now I know the Kardashians, are all hard working so no (they dont do **** and their wealthy) hate against them from me, and their show is a show is a guilty pleasure to me. But I can't stand Kim's greediness, nor Kanye's. I guess that makes them a perfect couple, they're both rich *******s.

459 days ago


leave justin alone ok and kim get life people shut the **** up !!!!!!!!!!!!

459 days ago


For there to be in-laws, isn't marriage technically required? For example, no matter how long and close you and your best friend are, you are not siblings and you do not have 4 parents.

458 days ago


Who gives a f!ck....

458 days ago


TMZ insults the real homeless in America, comparing the camera-whore Kim Kardashian to being homeless because her 9 mil mansion isn't ready yet. Still think she was a better candidate to lose a leg in Boston than real working people with talent and skills that don't involve a mommy-directed sex tape.

Harvey's insensitivity puts him on the same playing field of morality as Kim Kardashian - anything for a buck. Sad your life has turned to that level; couldn't make it as an attorney?

458 days ago


Kim Khardashian was a fashion icon. She needs to get maternity clothes advice from the Duchess Kate. Kim hasn't worn anything worth talking about

457 days ago


Just what I needed to hear... two rich no-talent do&chebags are in the dilemma about whether to have their baby in their mother's mansion or to just rent one. Poor things.

457 days ago
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