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Prince Jackson

I'm Not Into Bonding

With My Mom Right Now

4/23/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's 16-year-old son Prince Jackson is clearly into girls ... but NOT the grown woman who goes by "Mom" -- aka Debbie Rowe.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... although Prince's sister has developed what we're told is "an intense bond" with the woman who gave birth to her ... Prince has no curiosity or desire to develop a relationship with Rowe ... at least for now.

We're told it's not that he has beef with Rowe ... it's that establishing a relationship with her is not on his radar.  His 15-year-old sister Paris, on the other hand, now has a passion for nurturing a relationship with Rowe, and the 2 have spent a good deal of time together in the last few months.

Our sources say there's no conflict between Paris and Prince ... they just have different priorities.

As for Rowe, we're told she would absolutely like to have a relationship with Prince, but -- just the way it happened with Paris -- she wants it to develop naturally ... when Prince is ready.


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Sadly, he looks so much like his bio-father (Arnie), that I can't look at him w/o cringing a little bit. Poor kid.

513 days ago


Every man wants to leave his blood running in his offsprings only a fool will leave kids who doesnt look like him as his kids

513 days ago


She's going to end up with a parental relationship with the kids even though she collected millions not to have such a relationship. So who says we "can't have it both ways?"

513 days ago


Prince is slowly morphing into The Elephant Man; Michael would be so proud....

513 days ago


She rented her womn and sold her kids and rights to Michael....She doesnt deserve them!! PERIOD!

513 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Between Debbie & the tanning mom, my eyes have taken a beating this week and I don't think they can take anymore

513 days ago


Seems like a nice kid, its good that Rowe doesn't want to push a relationship on him unless he wants it. I think whatever people may think of Jackson, it seems he did a pretty good job with Paris and Prince.

513 days ago


Maybe Prince is waiting to see how things go with Paris and Debbie? Can't blame him for being careful after seeing what his family is like.

513 days ago


Good for prince! Don't buy into this oh I want to be a mother all of a sudden crap. I'd respect her more if she tried to come around when Michael was alive. She stayed close to Michael for the first 3 yrs of paris and his life to make sure she got paid. Once she got paid she high tailed it out of their life.

513 days ago


She's going to end up with a maternal relationship with the two children even though she was paid millions not to do so. So who says "you can't have it both ways?"

513 days ago


Respect Michael Jacksons wishes.

513 days ago


Look I'm no particular fan of Debbie Rowe, but stop placing all the blame on her for this odd situation. This 'family' cir***stance was CREATED solely by Michael Jackson. He is the one responsible for having kids with a woman he wasn't in love with and then PAYING HER to go away. What man pays a mother to go away?

That's selfish of him to have deprived his kids of their MOTHER. So neither are innocent here, neither.

Yes I love his music, but he is not a saint!

Rowe has the right to correct the existing situation as much as she can.

513 days ago

black or white    

hey rabid clobird, why dont you go to hell. dont reply to me you freak. pedo jackson has made a name for himself, and there is nothing you or your other rabid friends can do about it. you can believe the fantasy all you want, but i know better.

513 days ago


It's good for the kids to get to know mom better. I hope u ppl making ugly remarks abt others looks, weight & what their intentions are know how mean, prejudice, judgemental ur being & will stop it. U know nothing abt any of the situation. Perhaps u shud take a look in the mirror!! Are u gorgeous?Strange how jealous ppl can b of wealthy ppl. Shame on u!

513 days ago


There is no doubt in my mind that Dr Arnold Klein is the father.. Is it me or is the resemblance just plainly clear to anyone else.

512 days ago
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