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Prince Jackson

I'm Not Into Bonding

With My Mom Right Now

4/23/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's 16-year-old son Prince Jackson is clearly into girls ... but NOT the grown woman who goes by "Mom" -- aka Debbie Rowe.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... although Prince's sister has developed what we're told is "an intense bond" with the woman who gave birth to her ... Prince has no curiosity or desire to develop a relationship with Rowe ... at least for now.

We're told it's not that he has beef with Rowe ... it's that establishing a relationship with her is not on his radar.  His 15-year-old sister Paris, on the other hand, now has a passion for nurturing a relationship with Rowe, and the 2 have spent a good deal of time together in the last few months.

Our sources say there's no conflict between Paris and Prince ... they just have different priorities.

As for Rowe, we're told she would absolutely like to have a relationship with Prince, but -- just the way it happened with Paris -- she wants it to develop naturally ... when Prince is ready.


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Glenda in Texas    

Cool with me.

548 days ago


Prince is just into ****ing that one chick he's got and wasting his money and not giving a ****.

548 days ago


I think you guys are too hard on Michael Jackson and how he raised the kids. Have you considered that maybe they are so well adjusted because he kept them covered up? They were allowed to be kids...and now they can be well adjusted teenagers. All MJ wanted was for them to have a normal childhood as much as possible. When they were out without him, no one knew who they they could live normally. Now...we know who Paris and Prince are hanging out with. Now they are being followed...and now, because of their father, they know how to handle it.

548 days ago


Those poor kids were born with a job, a terrible burden, to place on children. Michael wanted those kids for very selfish reasons. It had more to do with him filing a void in his life for his lost childhood. Than actually sacrificing his wants/needs for theirs. Once the kids were here and he had fulfilled that need, then he needed something else, drugs. Again placing his needs above his children. Placing masks and keeping them in hiding had nothing to do with their privacy. No, he did it for the attention, yep what's a sure fire to keep your kids out of the spotlight. I have an idea, let them wear masks. Michael, I love his music but he was a troubled soul. I believe things happen for a reason. Not saying at all I'm happy for his death. But at least the children have a shot of a degree of normalcy. If he was alive today prince wouldn't have a drivers license, or going out on dates. Paris wouldn't be cheer leading and having typical teen girl fun. I wish the children the best in life

548 days ago


That kid has a devastatingly unfortunate face.

548 days ago


Whoever felt too lazy to type "two" instead of "2" needs to be ****-canned.

548 days ago


Yeah, TMZ, go ahead, make a Lohan out of the wacko kids, follow them around, and report if they fart too loud!!! LOL LOL LOL!

But the problem is nobody knows Michael who anymore!!! You know, not likely comments are flooding in!!!! LOL LOL LOL! The queen rabid is too busy with her donkey!!!!

548 days ago


I get that he's a teenager and all but he looks weird...

548 days ago


thassa ugly dooooo

548 days ago


Nope. He absolutely DOES have his mother in his radar. He is just doing what many kids do who are given away for adoption. Deep down, he felt abandoned by her and he is holding that against her right now. He likely doesn't even realize it.

548 days ago


Seriously? Why does TMZ always purposely put the ugliest crlebrity photos of people? Theyre always talking, blinking or not paying attention. Stupid..

548 days ago


At some point Prince will want a relationship with his mother. At this point he seems fine just being a 16 year old. Paris needs her mom and it is good that Debbie Rowe is there for her. The past is the past. In life we must put a comma where so many people want to put a period. The children had no say in how they got there or the decisions of Michael and Debbie. We don't get to pick and chose our families, nor are we defined by the decisions good or bad that they make.

547 days ago


He got his Mom's skin!

547 days ago


Why do people have to post such mean comments about Prince's appearance? Are they all perfect, flawless beauty queens/kings ?? Can't they just keep those comments for themself ? Prince is just a fine, young man. This was just an unfortunate snap shot of him. Such bad snap shots exist of all of us, only with the difference that we are not in the public eye and nobody will post them to a tabloid.

547 days ago


I'm so confused about these kids.. They look nothing like Michael! Not to sound bad or anything, but Michael is biologically african american... Why don't his kids look half african?? I mean look at the rest of Michaels family. I smell a conspiracy!

546 days ago
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