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Reese Witherspoon

In Handcuffs

Police Video

4/23/2013 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Video footage has just surfaced showing Reese Witherspoon in handcuffs moments after her "Do-you-know-my-name" arrest on Friday.

The video shows Reese being led out of a police cruiser in cuffs, then uncuffed and taken inside the police station for booking. She appears calm and cooperative. FOX5 in Atlanta published the video first.

As we reported, Reese was arrested early Friday morning for disorderly conduct ... while her husband Jim Toth was being arrested for DUI. According to police, Reese had gotten worked up while trying to defend her husband.

According to the police report Reese told the officer, "You're about to find out who I am ... You are going to be on national news."

She released a statement Sunday saying she was "deeply embarrassed" by what she had said and had one drink too many.


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Funny she doesn't seem like the disorderly conduct type.

549 days ago


Is this legal? To have a video from the police parking garage?

549 days ago


For being as "educated" and "smart" as she is SUPPOSE to be... she should have KNOWN that both she AND her husband were too drunk to drive and rang up a cab/driver... I mean isn't this the same "celebrity" that "consulted" her pre-teen daughter prior to her last pregnancy (to make sure her daughter was "alright" with the whole idea????)


You have to be DEAF DUMB and BLIND in "today's world" not to "know" that DUI is WRONG and illegal on every level...

SHE HAS TOTALLY LOST MY RESPECT! AND she's damn lucky the cops stopped her husband... instead of reporting on her "do you know who I am" hissy fit.... TMZ could be reporting on her death!

549 days ago


I like the ole "everybody makes mistakes" defense. Her mistake was having her facade weakened enough by alcohol to let the real person show. Like alcohol is known to do.

549 days ago


Cop: stay in ur vehicle ma'am!
Reese: do u know who I am?
Cop: I dont care, stay back!!
Reese: I'm With-a-Spoon!
Cop: With what?!
Reese: With-A-SPOON!!!
Cop: [gun drawn] drop ur Spoon down now!!

LOL ;)

549 days ago


Very disappointed with Reese. I don't think I'll be able to look at her the same way again.

549 days ago

Throwback kid    

I can't believe they handcuffed her! do the police know who that is? That's Reece Witherspoon, a very important rich movie star, just ask her and she will tell you. In fact Reece is so special and more important than the rest of us she thinks it is fine that her husband be allowed to drive drunk. Instead of being mad at her husband for putting peoples lives at stake driving drunk, she is mad at the police because they didn't let him drive away because she is famous. I can't believe the police didn't recognize Reece Witherspoon? Her husband should be allowed to drink and drive whenever Reece feels like it. The nerve of the police enforcing the law and not treating Reece Witherspoon special

549 days ago


Folks, Reese was just drunk, freaking out and ornery like a lot of drunk people sometimes are. Guys get up in people's faces and have fistfights over ridiculous stuff all the time because of the alcohol.

Some people just get a little crazy and mean when they're drunk even if they are usually quiet and rational when sober. Girls have their little drunken cat fights too. Just watch some "reality TV" and you'll see it.

In Reese's intoxicated mind, she probably thought the cop was beating on her husband in the backseat like the LAPD did with Rodney King or something so she kept getting out of the car.

549 days ago


Haven't we all been in that "one too many" boat before..what's the big deal..smsh!!!

549 days ago


Disappointed yes..... I hope she does something profound, like work with families hurt by DUI incidents.

549 days ago

Joe Biden    

If u have ever driven with the equivalent of two beers in your system, dont u agree this is harassment.
Coulda, woulda kill. She didnt kill nobody and isnt staggering all over the place.
**** da police

549 days ago


Maybe Reese was the one getting really drunk that night and her husband was just trying to be a good hubby and drink a little with her even though he was driving.

I bet Reese is kind of pushy sometimes especially when she's drinking and she kept pestering her husband that she wanted to go back to the hotel or whatever. Her husband should have told her "no" we have to wait for a cab or just chill out until he sobers up.

I bet most husbands of Hollywood starlets just go along with whatever they want to keep them happy even if it is reckless or stupid. Let's face it, some of these stars probably get what they want 99% of the time and they freak out if someone tells them "no".

Reese's husband needs to one of the people who can say "no" to her and she'll do it. That's what real marriages are like. I'm sure she has plenty of "yes men" around her as it is.

549 days ago


In order to hang with a celeb and become on one must either **** one or preferably **** one and drink and drive with one..just check the Tmz archives for resume proof.

549 days ago

Mandy G.    

Ah, she pulled the "Do you know who I Am?" card. I love it when a celebrity or politician does or says something really stupid and then we see an "apology" that was obviously written by one of their flunkies. Most of them are just sorry they got caught.

549 days ago


The Cop Didn't Recognize Who She Was Cuz She Looks So Different Without Makeup On. Ugly Lil Skallywag

549 days ago
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