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Sharon Osbourne Speaks

Ozzy's Booze Not News ...

But Pills Were A Shock

4/23/2013 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Osbourne
says she's devastated by Ozzy's relapse ... she knew he was back on the booze, but not the pills ... but she wanted to make one thing clear ... they're NOT getting divorced.

Sharon opened up about walking out on Ozzy on "The Talk" today. 

Sharon laid down a threat ... what she'll do if Ozzy screws up again.

As Sharon was spilling the beans, Ozzy blew into Brisbane, Australia -- he's touring Down Under -- sporting a bowler hat and a big, sober smile ...



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James R. - Los Angeles    

It kinda makes you wanna bite the heads off of birds, huh, Sharon?

548 days ago


Good luck, you two kids!

548 days ago


Awww, I love the Osbournes! I hope Ozzy stays clean this time!

548 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Sharon's plastic face barely moves.
I have GI Joe's from childhood that are more lifelike.

548 days ago

Jay W.     

She needs to manage the money. Divorce would be foolish. With their wealth they can live separate lives very comfortably anyhow.

548 days ago


Hearing Sharon speak makes my toes curl. This is a woman who lived off of Ozzy Osbourne as he toured in the 80s and 90s and got drunk and did drugs on a daily basis..And what did she do? .....Nothing. Why? Because she was making a boat load of money and times were good. It was more important to her to buy that new fur coat than the health of her "puppet" husband. Now, Ozzy can barely talk he is so brain damaged and she is threatening to leave him. She is a despicable woman with no morals whose only god is $. To Hell with her.

548 days ago


Sharon keep YOUR business to YOURSELF!!! We don't care! Honestly you are insufferable!!!

548 days ago


Who cares?

548 days ago


Sharon's transparency is so refreshing. I hope they make it.

548 days ago


I sure hope they work it out. I can't imagine them not being together. You can do it, guys!

548 days ago

Roman Moroni    

Way to go Sharon! You always have & will rock!

548 days ago


Whatever else you can say about Sharon, I do think she loves Ozzy. If you notice during their reality show she seem to actually be keeping an eye on him at times. You don't watch someone that closely unless you love them.It's the same thing I've seen with some elderly couples. A long standing concern & real care & respect for the other person. No way she'd spend her time worried about what he's doing etc. unless she really cared for him. I'm not a fan of Sharon, but I don't doubt she loves him.

548 days ago


If you read Ozzie's book, he gives most of the credit for Black Sabbath's success to Sharon & her managerial skills.
Sharon's a smart cookie& I hope things work out for them both.

548 days ago


I love Ozzy!!!!

548 days ago

Alan Carver    

Of course Sharon is not leaving Ozzy ... you know damn good and well that there is pre-nup in place and she would leave/divorce she'd get screwed out of millions. While she is an incompetent mother and loud-mouth/piece for whatever crap she feels she needs to talk about on the talk, she is a smart business woman and that is about it, Otherwise she is just a huge waste of space and time!

548 days ago
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