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3 Doors Down Bassist

Free On $100K Bond

In Fatal Crash

4/23/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell is back on the streets after posting $100,000 bail this afternoon on charges including vehicular homicide while intoxicated.

Harrell was arrested late Friday night following a deadly crash in Nashville, TN ... as TMZ previously reported. Police say the 41-year-old was speeding when he clipped a pickup ... whose driver was not wearing a seatbelt and died in the hospital.

According to the police report, Harrell seemed impaired and admitted he'd been drinking and taking the prescription painkiller Lortab and Xanax. Deputies said they found more pills -- including Oxycodone and Oxymorphone -- in his sock during booking.

He was charged with vehicular homicide and bringing controlled substances into the jail ... and has a Thursday court date on the schedule.

Not scheduled is 3 Doors Down ... the '90s band -- top hit, "Kryptonite" -- has reportedly canceled its shows through May.


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Both Innocent VICTIM on one side Pill popping,drugged out alcoholic on the other side. End of story.

549 days ago

Miss. Priest    

POS. I hope the victims family gets all of this little junkies money.

549 days ago


Celebrities #1-20: Drunk Driving charges.

#21 kills a guy.

Celebrities #22-30: Drunk Driving Charges.

#31 kills a guy.

This goes on and on and on.

What the F*** will it take to get drunks out of the driver's seat?

549 days ago


Before all of you dumbas*es go wasting your breath, passing judgment like your lives are absolutely flawless, let's remember how, in 1984, Vince Neil of Motley Crue not only killed the drummer of Hanoi Rocks, the passenger in his vehicle, but also left the passengers of the other vehicle with brain damage. Most ppl don't even know that tragedy occurred! Vince went on, after only serving 2 weeks in jail, to an explosively successful career with Motley Crue & the subject never came up again!!!There is FAR more to this situation than any one of you know...don't make a saint or a sinner out of anyone unless you KNOW EVERYTHING there is to know about the situation! Ppl love to pass judgment as if their own lives are above careful when pointing the finger unless you, yourself are God! Nothing more than hypocrites...& self-righteous fools!

549 days ago


"717shan" you are so obviously his wife, sister, or groupie, i.e. biased. Yes, we've all made mistakes, including driving under the influence BUT the difference between us and Todd Harrell is that we either learned from them or accepted the consequences of our poor decisions. An innocent man is now dead and Harrell is going to do everything he can to skate away from this tragedy. Let's see, at least two incidents of assault, another DUI less than a year ago which included hitting another vehicle and sent another innocent to the hospital. He needs to be in jail to do time for the pain he has caused others!!

549 days ago


Oh puh-leez!! Now he's entered rehab!! Because he acknowledges he needs help?! Noooo! Only to avoid jail!!

549 days ago


I know Todd this is a very sad day for all parties. My thoughts and prayers to his family and the victims family. Know this first, nobody is perfect, we all do stupid things, don't judge because somebody sins differently than you and anger is our human way of masking sorrow. God bless my Todd and his unfortunate victim and his family <3. Todd is a very humble man I can't image the shame and sorrow he bears. Let him be. The roles are switched everyday who are not celebrities.

549 days ago


I leave for a matter of hours and the blatant ignorance bred like wildfire! As I said previously, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups! I really hate to say this but it will happen right when you think NOT ME! All of you saying disturbing, disgusting things about Todd without knowing a single thing about who he truly is, will end up eventually experiencing the same situation he is going through. It may be you, your friend or a family member then and only then will you FEEL all the rotten things you have posted on here. It will get you when you least expect it and when it're gonna wish you could take back everything you said. Enough for one day this site is like talking to pet rocks!

549 days ago


Nice hair

548 days ago


So this douche bag can cough up 100,000 to get out of jail but can't pay 150 bucks for a ride home?????? just another complete *******! Hey dickweed we don't care about your drama we care about the man you killed.

548 days ago


I finally found something to back up what I have been trying to say to all of you on here and this is from the victim's family!!!! It's amazing to see that there are people in the world who still have such strong faith. Here is the article from one of Paul's family members:

I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and support. We laid Paul to rest yesterday surrounded by family and friends. His sister ask me to speak and I told of 2 things I was certain of, 1: Gods love for us and that He sent His Son Jesus to save us and forgive us of our sins, and like wise we are to forgive others of theirs, and to pray for them. and 2: Paul was not afraid to get dirty, the hardest working mechanic I ever knew. No matter what, chain saw, lawn mower, race cars, it did not matter, his passion for anything that ran on fuel was over the top.
I spoke of the only regret I had with Paul and that was I could not remember I ever told him I loved him. He knew I did but sometimes you just need to say it. Get over that tough guy thing. Do NOT make that regret, guys or gals. Tell people you love them. I also spoke of how all of the Harrell family needed our prayers as well, it is just devastating on everyone connected with this tragedy. We forgive you Todd. May God mold your new life into a great testimony for His name sake.
And closing now, the coolest thing I ever witnessed, his nephew Cory, drove Pauls drag car as lead in the funeral. It was just inspiring to see the procession led by a full blown race car. Blessings and gratefulness to you all.

547 days ago


717/Megan, you're obviously hurting. What you thought would be a fairy tale has turned into a nightmare. If you're not related or in love with Todd and believe in standing up for ALL injustice, then why aren't you posting these wild messages on Al Michaels or Lindsey Lohans TMZ comment sites declaring how cruel and stupid people are? Gotcha!! Seriously, I'm sorry I said such mean things and hope you'll forgive me. I know I would be as defensive if my spouse were looking at jail time but I also believe in taking responsibility and accepting consequences. Todd should grow up and do the same.

547 days ago


I have a friend that went to prison for 16yrs.He killed a woman driving her cycle.He was drunk and pulled out in front of her.He is tramautized for life.Todd will be too.Whether he goes to jail or not.Prison is not a place for addicts. As for Vince Neil there must be some youngsters on here.I was in high school.Heard it all.But if you read Vince Neils book you would know he never forgets.That was a close pal he killed.And it was detrimental to his sobriety.Thats why Todd will need extended treatment.To stay straight in the face of guilt and public scrutiny will be a challenge.I will pray for Todd.And Todds family.Such a nightmare.

546 days ago


Former victim of Robert Todd Harrell “Todd Harrell deliberately crashed into my car twice, the second time I had a witness. He appeared to be under the effects of methamphetamine. After hearing witnesses accounts Mississippi police only gave him a citation for following too closely. After telling police he did not possess a firearm they discovered one in his vehicle. I recorded his rants and raves after which he tried to seize the tape recorder from me. All of this was relayed to TMZ but they chose not to run the story.”

522 days ago
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