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1600 Pennsylvania Ave Swatting

Hacker Group Threatens to

Bomb White House

4/23/2013 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hacker group that claims responsibility for exposing private financial information about Michelle Obama and many other celebrities has issued an ultimatum to the U.S. Government -- either declare war on North Korea or they will detonate bombs at the White House ... TMZ has learned.

We're told the group -- which claims responsibility for swatting Rihanna, Diddy, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise and others -- contacted authorities through 911 and threatened to detonate 8 devices around the White House perimeter if President Obama does not declare war within 24 hours.
There was a tweet that went out on the Associated Press' twitter account saying, "Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured."  The White House quickly discredited this as an "errant tweet."  We're told the hackers are claiming credit for hacking AP's twitter and posting the message.

It appears -- though it has not been confirmed -- that this is yet another case of swatting -- calling in a phony threat.



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Richard Nixon    

Ya because thats what hackers do right? last time I checked hackers are to afraid to even leave their ****ing room, so what makes you think their going to blow something up? go **** yourself TMZ

515 days ago


Sadly, I could careless.

515 days ago


keep on messing with the Obamas, black folk have learn how to cast voodoo , some of them

515 days ago


But these guys swat back. And they have the best resources on earth to make it hurt.

515 days ago


I wouldn't go messing with the Obama's.

-For one thing, Barack Obama's the coolest-President to ever reside on Pennsylvania Avenue.

This guy is just straight-up, flat-out COOL.

...Ever see him getting off an airplane?

...Shaking hands with other World Leaders?

Swag's arrived at the White House -

-and isn't about damn frickin' time?!

515 days ago


Wouldn't be a bit surprised - not a BIT.

To see President Obama start up a rap career.

Few years down the road.

Michelle and the girls do the lead-in.

Then Barack comes out - and to throw-down.

515 days ago


All the top political cabinet members?

Said, no, don't go in and get Bin Ladin, don't:

"Too risky, too dangerous, slim chance @ success."

-Barack looks around the room, shakes his head.

... goes, oh, we GOIN in !!!

"...WE, we ... we goin' in !!!!"

No one but Barack woulda been cool enough to make the call on that one.

Hilary's looking around like, okay it's YOUR election!

Barack's like damn right, girl (that) it's my election.

Dude's like ice - free throws with no time left and to win March Madness.

I say give him four mo', four mo' and then 4 mo...

515 days ago


If America was smart, and America is.

They'd cancel the Presidency.

Just make Barack Monarch, King.

No one's gonna be able to follow this guy - no one -

It'd be like following Pryor to the stage - no thanks.

515 days ago


This is BS! Just another staged event to pass agendas!! Don't be fooled, this is your very own government doing this. They create a reason to invade own privacy online. Keeping us "safe"...BS
Wake up sheep, ask questions. Why is there always a drill before terror events? 9/11 7/7 london, Sandy Hook, the fertilizer plant, and most recently the boston marathon ALL HAD DRILLS FOR THE EXACT SAME SITUATION ON THE EXACT SAME DAY...not a coincidence.

515 days ago


Anyone who thinks North Korea is going to seriously attack the US needs to get out(side the country) more. It's never gonna happen, but yes, let's continue to stir the pot to make sure that SOMEONE starts this because they're nothing like a bodycount.

515 days ago


Obama doesn't make decisions congress does smhremember his gun bill the math...smh

515 days ago


If they'd paid attention in civics class, they would know that only congress has the power to actually declare war.

515 days ago


Well score one for CISPA. my my what an agenda we have.

514 days ago
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