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'American Idol'

JLo WILL Return

Asked to Replace Mariah

4/24/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jennifer Lopez
has been approached by Fox execs to return to "American Idol" for the balance of the season ... to replace Mariah Carey ... sources connected with the network confirm to TMZ.

We've learned Lopez will appear on the now ratings-challenged show on May 16 to debut her new single, but Fox has bigger ideas -- they want to stop the hemorrhaging quickly and bring the former judge back on the show.  The Hollywood Reporter first posted the story that JLo could be returning.

And the show is in trouble.  Last week's ratings were the worst since the show debuted in 2002.

Sources tell us Fox is scrambling to find a solution, and ironically they think Lopez could be the answer.  We say ironically because network execs would not ante up the cash JLo wanted to stay on the show this season. 

We're told as of now ... no deal has been made.

UPDATE:  A Fox spokesperson tells TMZ ... "This is just another ridiculous "Idol" judge rumor, likely started by talks of Jennifer performing on the finale."


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Get rid of Nicky. I change the chanel until she finishes talking. Unbearable.

524 days ago


The show is not in trouble because of Mariah Carey, it's in trouble because of Nikki Minaj. I quit watching the second week. Cannot stand to even hear Minaj's voice. Plus the talent sucks. Much more talented people on The Voice, which I watch faithfully. Idol needs less of the garage filler - like people who can't sing - and needs to concentrate on real talent. Sorry, but Idol just plain sucks

524 days ago


that is hilarious-they should do it-MeMe sucks and has been crazy jealous obsessed with JLo since the 90's-how ironic that MeMe does Idol as sloppy seconds to JLo thinking it will re start her long dead career and she is sooo bad that FOX wants to bring JLo back to clean up the MeMe mess-freakin hilarious

524 days ago


Nikki needs to beat back to the hole she drug herself out of.

524 days ago


get rid of nikki. i mean they are both bad but nikki is mainly why i am not watching this season.

524 days ago


I like Maria, They should replace Nicki for JLO.

524 days ago


Whatever AI does they NEED to get rid of Nicki. She's a parasite on the ass of humanity. She's a jealous, fake boob, fake ass, fake teeth, totally made up, talentless wannabe. Who needs to judge dogs not people.

523 days ago

linda garris    

Ok the problem is they didnt let white guys compete. Instead they brought in no talent guys and as many black girls as they could regardless of talent. Judges except keith are pushing for candace. How does that make the other 3 feel. I only watch to see angie and get her voting number. This candace thing is ridiculous and mariah should just give her a job. Last yr i liked deandre so much i stopped watching for a long time. I std again in time to realize how good phillip is. Not one wg this yr except a drag queen and charlie. Neither has talent. Candace didnt make it last yr and she sang a group number w deandre. Anyway these two new judges already have proved to the few watching they want a black idol this yr .Being the best or who america wants doesnt matter. Thats not good. The same thing happened on Xfactor and the voice. Christina keeps pushing black people thru w less talent. And on the voice they all pushed for a black kid. When it looked like josh was gonna win they brought melanie on late night. She won. She did zip. 20,000 albums. The two voice winners nothing. I still d

523 days ago

linda garris    

I didnt finish. Jennifer hudson should have won the yr she was on. But it didnt stop her. Real talent will break thru no matter what scotty would b a country star anyway but winning helped. Phillip is doing great. Im still shocked cutie pie deandre went no where. Anyway more blacks have won idol than white if you go by percentages. If candace was the whole pkg i wouldnt b so cynical. She doesnt have the look. But dont piss them off by telling them who u want to win. I think kree has the best voice but no personality. Angie has the whole thing. Looks personality and talentm playing piano onlly helps. I think idol will fix the outcome and then no one will watch. If a black perzon doesnt win every season they get a lawyer. Idol didnt want another wg. What if people like angie. Isnt that ok? Omg just go on bet and make it black idol. But stop pushing for candace. Sprinkling fairy dust on her lol!! Last yr they pushed for josh. Idt hes doing much either . Jlo like me,was rooting for deandre. Mariah and nikki act stupid on this show especially critiqing the wg. Its very rascist. Candace is not the next jennifer hudson. Hudson was cute heavy. Shes beautiful thin. U should get rid of mariah (whose voice i live) and nikki who both stink as judges and pay jlo. Keith is ok. But he worries what the other 3 thi k. Tyler didnt care abt the other judges. I only turn on at the end to get the phone numbers. Kree and candace dont have 'the look'. Both have very good voices. Angie has it all with amber close behind. Maybe if mariah &nikki faked liking a wg. Idk that would b obvious reverse psychology tovtry and fool america. Its a mess. U had a bigger audience when u let wg on. Even randy is joining the other two. Can u imagine competing every week and knowing the judges have their mindsmade up. It doesnt matter if candace is bad they still rave. I hope america gets it right. The people who buy the records should b the ones voting. Candace would make a good backup singer but not'star' cmon america dont fall for the judges bs

523 days ago

Charlene Coetzee    

I am a huge Miriah Carrey fan. I think she should stay. My only problem with her is that she babbles to much without saying anything . She should keep her comments short and sweet. Nicki should leave because the show is not about her - its about the contestants. I love Keith and Randy. They rock.

521 days ago


I stopped watching cuz of #Nikki Mariah is great must say now I Der and faithfully watch #THEVOICE !!

521 days ago


I nearly quit watching because of Nikki. I have watch since the start now I have to mute or go to the bathroom when she is on. If she comes back, I won't! Mariah is good. JLo was as well. Get barbie off.

521 days ago

Fat Matt    

Haha! American Idol sucks ballz, always has. The ratings are plummeting, execs are desperately scrambling, the shows slowly burning and I just love that.

521 days ago

Fat Matt    

Once this crappy show gets cancelled, the thousands of no talent losers who gather every year for their "chance to make it big" will hafta kiss those dreams goodbye and keep rolling those burritos at Taco Bell.

521 days ago


I still watch the show. The problem is both of the woman. Mariah is a long winded ditz and Nikki has an attitude about everything. Nikki has not been in the industry long enough to judge others. She raps therefore she is not a singer. Also, Mariah and her stupid looks, fixing her hair, non stop hand gestures with her 20 minute speeches are annoying! Get rid of the hags and get better talent. Simple as that.

513 days ago
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