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'American Idol'

JLo WILL Return

Asked to Replace Mariah

4/24/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jennifer Lopez
has been approached by Fox execs to return to "American Idol" for the balance of the season ... to replace Mariah Carey ... sources connected with the network confirm to TMZ.

We've learned Lopez will appear on the now ratings-challenged show on May 16 to debut her new single, but Fox has bigger ideas -- they want to stop the hemorrhaging quickly and bring the former judge back on the show.  The Hollywood Reporter first posted the story that JLo could be returning.

And the show is in trouble.  Last week's ratings were the worst since the show debuted in 2002.

Sources tell us Fox is scrambling to find a solution, and ironically they think Lopez could be the answer.  We say ironically because network execs would not ante up the cash JLo wanted to stay on the show this season. 

We're told as of now ... no deal has been made.

UPDATE:  A Fox spokesperson tells TMZ ... "This is just another ridiculous "Idol" judge rumor, likely started by talks of Jennifer performing on the finale."


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Randy Jackson looks like a purple blob.

514 days ago


Taylor Hicks is to the music industry what Corey Feldman is to the movie biz.

514 days ago


Wow out of all people why would you kick out a singer and not nicki the RAPPER!! I stopped watching American Idol because it became ****ty and boring

514 days ago


Replacing the wrong one. Replace Minaj-A-Nutcase

514 days ago


Isn't it sad, that Nigel pays no attention to the viewers? I can't stand Nikki, either, for very
obvious reasons...all to do with her behavior.

But, noooooo! He replaces the namby-pamby judge,
who probably won't raise the fuss, which Nikki would.
And so, the ratings will continue to plummet, with
Nikki still in her chair, patting herself, and acting like a fool.

514 days ago


We quit watching American Idil. The Voice is so much better and the judges are all really likable. Bye bye AI. You've served your purpose. Stick a fork in them. They're done. Don't take the deal JLo. The rats are jumping ship.

514 days ago


If you notice, all of the shows that are on believe that conflict is the key to good ratings. Of course they are not going to get rid of the one person who needs to be gone (nikki), because they like the conflict. It just goes to show you how out of touch TV and movie people are. They have no clue what Americans want.

514 days ago


and another thing, How in the heck are you going to replace Mariah with J-Lo, we didnt like her either..... at least you have a real legend a real Diva a real Lady a real singer on the show... come on American Idol, you need to be trying to please the people that pays their own cable bill.. like the parents and adults of the household, because if my kids were teenagers today... I would shelter them from the mess we got out here today that people call music.... really!

514 days ago


Its funny... fox Executives are gonna Replace a multi platinum,Grammy award-winning singer with ..... Just a plain old singer.. There clearly thinking Backwards!.!

514 days ago


Does anybody else think that if they got rid of Nikki she would pull the race card?

514 days ago


American Idol's viewers are disappearing faster than Prince William's hair...

514 days ago


Forget replacing Mariah..REPLACE NIKKI MINAJ!!!!...She's annoying in every way possible, er voice, the facial expressions and her constant need to be the center of attention at all times...even when someone else is speaking. Mariah Carey is a LEGEND...she's too good for American Idol.......and Nikki Minaj constantly disrespects Mariah every chance she gets..last week I tuned in for one singer and she said "sit down sir" to Mariah after she said she disagreed with her opinion...changed the channel right away. BTW everyone I know stopped watching because of Nikki too....SHE needs to go.

514 days ago


Maybe they could bring in Jay Leno.

514 days ago


How stupid and blind do you have to be to realize the REAL problem is Nicki Minaj?! She doesn't even deserve to be in the same room as Mariah Carey, and that's who you're replacing? The has-been who's been married 10 times and refuses to realize she's pushing 50? These producers are throwing the show away!

514 days ago


Wtf?!?! Why are they replacing mariah?!?!?! Are they really that stupid?!?!! Nicki minaj is hella annoying!

514 days ago
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