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'American Idol'

JLo WILL Return

Asked to Replace Mariah

4/24/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jennifer Lopez
has been approached by Fox execs to return to "American Idol" for the balance of the season ... to replace Mariah Carey ... sources connected with the network confirm to TMZ.

We've learned Lopez will appear on the now ratings-challenged show on May 16 to debut her new single, but Fox has bigger ideas -- they want to stop the hemorrhaging quickly and bring the former judge back on the show.  The Hollywood Reporter first posted the story that JLo could be returning.

And the show is in trouble.  Last week's ratings were the worst since the show debuted in 2002.

Sources tell us Fox is scrambling to find a solution, and ironically they think Lopez could be the answer.  We say ironically because network execs would not ante up the cash JLo wanted to stay on the show this season. 

We're told as of now ... no deal has been made.

UPDATE:  A Fox spokesperson tells TMZ ... "This is just another ridiculous "Idol" judge rumor, likely started by talks of Jennifer performing on the finale."


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I'm not coming back until they get rid of Nicki. She's the reason most of the long-time fans left.

554 days ago


I have to hand it to Keith Urban. Very instructing, diplomatic but straightforward. However Niki is the only one with balls. No sugar coating anything. Refreshing.

554 days ago


What are you producers thinking? Read the reviews! Get rid of Nikki, I have to change the channel when she starts with her STUPID comments. Low life, no class clown, dye your roots..blonde on black, really get a new hair dresser and make up artist!

554 days ago


this show should have died when paula and simon left.

554 days ago


Why would they get rid of Mariah, they should get rid of Nicki, she has NO talent

554 days ago


Why would they get rid of Mariah, they should get rid of Nicki, she had no talent

554 days ago


Now make that no-talent-full-of-herself-freak Minaj go away.

554 days ago


This should be the end I have not watched since the first season and 2010 when I was at home nursing my baby for the first year

554 days ago


MINAJ can't even fill out the Staples Center, so why would anyone want to watch the attention whore C List Celebrity name MINAJ. AI messed up to hire MINAJ, that's why they are paying for the ratings now.

554 days ago


Dear Fox,

You forgot this show is about the singers, not the judges. We don't care who sits in the judges chair, as long as the talent is there. Unfortunately, the singing talent is just not there anymore.

The Viewers

554 days ago


cancel the show The VOICE is better

554 days ago


I just don't think Mariah (or even Nicki) are completely to blame for sinking ratings. Mariah is more than qualified to judge and has been in the business a very long time (she can also belt out a song with no help from background singers, an orchestra, or a band). I didn't mind JLo but it's not like she created all this drama AI seems to want suddenly so why replace Mariah? I know a lot of people like Nicki but I personally find her to be extremely annoying. She can't keep her hands off her hair, she makes all these weird faces when the other judges speak (and why is her chair always turned towards Keith when he speaks? Just stay forward like everyone else and let him speak without being in his face). That being said, isn't this show supposed to be about the contestants? This show hasn't been good in years.

554 days ago


The Voice. Talented singers, credible, talented judges, great on-screen chemistry, funny judge bantar, REAL contestants and a quality show. Walk away, American Idol, just walk away.

554 days ago


Mariah is soooo not the problem!!! She is a LEGEND with a loooong successful career! She has more credibility than JLO & NICKI combined! I've been an Idol fan since day 1 however, I cannot continue to watch the show with Nicki on it. I don't think she offers anything of value. Nicki is still new to the business herself (and I'm opinion, very talentless). Nicki probably couldn't win Idol if she was a contestant. NICKI MINAJ is the problem...she needs the AXE not Mariah! Idol really blows this season :-(

554 days ago


I thought I would hate Nikki Minaj but she is at least interesting and passionate!! I thought I would love Mariah, but I can't stand to listen to her monotone voice go on and on and on and on...!!! I say keep Keith, Randy, Nikki and bring JLo back!! Get rid of Mariah...she is booooring!!

554 days ago
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