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Shauna Sand

Accuses Lindsay's Friend

Of Sexual Battery

4/24/2013 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shauna Sand
-- the former wife of Lorenzo Lamas -- has just filed a sexual battery lawsuit against a man who once accused Lindsay Lohan of theft.

According to the lawsuit ... Shauna was hired as Sam Magid's personal assistant for somewhere between $10k and $20k a month.  According to the suit, back in October, on her first day at work, Shauna went to pick up food for Magid and his guests and when she got to his house with the vittles ... he allegedly grabbed her breasts and demanded that she have sex with him.

Shauna claims she struggled as she rejected his demands.  She claims he then threw money at her and ordered her to leave his house.

She claims he continued the alleged harassment by sending her text messages ... threatening her.

Magid has a Lindsay Lohan connection.  She went to his house and partied for several days in August of last year.  On a night Lindsay was there, $100,000 of watches and sunglasses were allegedly stolen from the house and Lindsay was named as a suspect.  Magid -- who was a long-standing friend of Lohan's -- later recanted the story and said nothing was taken.

We could not reach Magid for comment.


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Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan better enjoy what's left of her summer AND her freedom!

Because in light of SHOCKING new details about the current robbery investigation of which she is once again in the middle, we doubt there is ANY way she will avoid being thrown back behind bars!

As we reported, the troubled actress was upped from a "person of interest" to "suspect" by authorities after she attended a house party in the Hollywood Hills hosted by Sam Magid, and $100,000 of watches and sunglasses went missing, and now…we know why!

And it's just as INSANE as you'd expect!

Apparently, Lindsay has attempted to throw the blame on two friends she brought along with her that night, one of whom is Suge Knight's son Andrew!

But when Magid touched base with him, he was told that LiLo handed him a bag with two or three stolen items wrapped in her t-shirt!

Andrew and his friend have since returned the items, which explains why they were no longer reported missing!

However, when Magid contacted Lindsay about the allegations…and the other shiz still missing, she apparently asserted that she was only HIDING items around the house because she was afraid of them being taken…oh yeah, and because she was ON AMBIEN at the time.

She also told him:

"I'm sorry. Please pray for me."

We don't know anymore, gurl…

Everyone around you has pretty much done everything they can to get you the help that you clearly need!

We don't think it's particularly fair of you to ask anymore of them…even prayer!

And the saddest part?

You brought your 16-year-old BROTHER into all of this.

We really have nothing else to say.

515 days ago



I hadn't heard the story of Jake but I did debunk the story of the bus over the railroad tracks many years ago on my site. The railroad tracks are in San Antonio. I set up a camera and filmed the whole area and also the car when in motion. I notice that the road seemed to look level and then up hill but I noticed that the land wasn't level and was going down. It was just an optical illusion, But a very good one. The powder on the cars leaving fingerprints is just latent fingerprints that are all ready on the car. The oils from the hands and fingers soaks into the powder and reveals the fingerprints. So nothing paranormal there. BUT.....I did walk a short ways up the tracks from the crossing and picked up on a lot of energy which set my hair on end.

515 days ago


Wat did he do .smack her across the face with his penis .

515 days ago


"She's" a dude.

515 days ago


C'mon guys, she needs plastic surgery money. Botox and plastic are very expensive. The lawsuite is as fake as she is.

515 days ago


@dinalohan @ShaunaSands--- Linds would luv to work with you!!! CALL ME!!! We can talk, Single Mom to Single Mom!! xxox!!!

515 days ago

Suzy Q     

I think we should cordon off some real estate and make a fully fenced in state for all these vapid, useless whackadoos to live and enjoy each other's company. And the only doctors allowed will be plastic surgeons.

We can call it........Las Narcissus.

515 days ago


She's another sad one. Does she still wear her plastic clear shoes? LMAO!!

515 days ago


Alicia, I got sweet FA on powerball, it has jackpotted to 60 mil next week.

515 days ago


Pepe to do interview on ET. Reveal all about wild week in Tijuana with Blo, the recovery period, and more!

515 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Taylor Scott‏@TaySteck5h
@mikelohan -- lol, you should join our kickball team next season. Let @MissyLouWho and I know when Lindsay's idea gets off the ground !

515 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Hey Niki, that Janet chick is almost as annoying as you are. But her posts are shorter, thank god.

515 days ago


@pepe FOLLOW ME!!!!

515 days ago


i just got home from running errands. stopped in wallyworld to pick up a couple of things and saw something that was so upsetting!!!

ok so this bitch had a small girl...between 3 and 4..sitting up in the cart and the child was humming. nothing else, y'all. a soft hum. not some child yelling at the top of their lungs. bitch told her to shut up. well, the child kept on humming. and then...THAT FVCKING BITCH SLAPPED THAT CHILD RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE AND LEFT A HAND PRINT ON HER FACE. that poor baby just screeched.

a wal-mart employee was right there too straightening up bottles and she had this walky-talky looking thing on her belt...she's yelling into it for security

so bitch goes off on the wal-mart lady for something she said to her in spanish and me, for saying, oh little baby we're going to help you. she's cussing at the top of her lungs, a crowd is now gathering and and one man said, hey lady, CALM DOWN. have y'all ever seen someone so mad, yelling so much they get spit at the corner of their mouths. she did that!

security came and when they saw that child hysterical and with a full palm print still on her little face they stood between her and lunatic bitch and called the cops. cops show up and bitch went nuts for sure. they're asking her about all these bruises on that little girl's legs. bitch was so nuts they had to cuff her! then they took our names and info and told us we could leave.

i don't know what happens now. bless that child's heart. if that happens in public what happens to her behind closed doors? please keep that child near your hearts and in your prayers. i'm just sick.

oh what a day this has been.

515 days ago


Is there anything I can say that will upset Seamus or Hannah to come back

515 days ago
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