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Justin Bieber

Busted in Sweden

For Crime of Fashion

4/25/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber should be locked up -- not for the tour bus pot drama -- but for the ridiculous onesies he and Lil Za flaunted while getting on that bus. And we thought the Hammer pants were bad ('cause they were).

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This generations David Cassidy!

455 days ago


Well, I'm not really going to comment on the outfits, it is what it is. What I will comment on is the HYPOCRISY and ridiculousness of ANYONE on the TMZ staff making comments about FASHION. This coming from a group who's ringleader - Harvey, refuses to wear skivvies while putting on pants a bit too tight showing his package. Also, Harvey refuses to wear a belt, which makes Harvey look like a five year old constantly having to hike them up. Harvey also doesn't wear socks, I'm sure during the summer your shoes smell like a bed of roses with your feet sweating. Mike Walters refuses to put any color in his wardrobe. As far as I can figure out, FATASS MIKE owns approx. three black shirts. Dirty Ryan refuses to wash his hair, run a comb through it and shave that monstrosity on his face. Max needs a fcuking shower badly and some detangler before trying to pull a pitch fork through that mangy mane (no comb or brush with go near it). The girls in the office have resorted to wearing the multiple scarfs around their neck and tie them up so they look like colorful boa constrictors. Um, ya, TMZ STAFF, you are the last people on the face of the earth to be making comments about other folks and their fashion sense.

455 days ago


Who are these looser second fiddles that this kid packs around the world with him. He's such a wanna be.

455 days ago


Why is this F&G still alive!

455 days ago


Lil Bieber (sorry... lol!) and Lil Za are wearing sweatsuits from the Norwegian brand "OnePiece". They were popular here in 2010, and also in other countries, but since they were seen as tacky, the teens soon stopped wearing them. The OnePiece sweatsuits were originally made for wearing when recovering from a night on the town, without the tight waistband and the pressure to go jogging! I thought they belonged to the past, but now people are buying and wearing them again.

455 days ago


how do i say this without it sounding raciest or homophobic....but Mr Beiber seems to be a little "light in the loafers" and surely seems to have a Kardashian "trait" when it comes to selecting his MALE "friends" (if ya catch my drift).
I will say those are the GAYEST Looking "outfits" they look like their having a "sleep-over" wink wink

455 days ago


Looser, call his parents tell them their girl is acting like a WHOR£€¥£€<~

455 days ago



455 days ago


I feel sorry for the bodyguards who have to babysit Bieber & Co.

455 days ago


If drugs are found in a vehicle and no one admits to it being there's it becomes the possession of the owner/ renters whatever Justin should be charged with possession .

455 days ago


@Tide Fan I think you have Lil Za confused with Lil Twist. I agree with you but I hate when people blame others for one's actions. Justin is a grown ass adult and he is willingly choosing to hang out with these people (who he's been hanging out with since he came into the spotlight - 15/16) He didnt just start hanging out with these people (Lil Twist specifically) as he has been hangin out with them ever since he was younger (I remember seeing some video of them celebrating Twist's 16th birthday together) so the notion that they're "bad influences" is quite ridiculous to me. On another note, unfortunately, I don't believe that his "star" will be dimming anytime soon. I have read comments/tweets left by those bat**** crazy "Beliebers" and they are so delusional that nothing negative that Justin does, not even to them, sinks in. He has THE most ridiculous (and hateful) fans I have ever come into contact with. He is going to have a fan base for a lifetime. Sickening but true. He knows this. Which is why he knows that he can do whatever he wants because excuses will always be made for him by them. He knows that the only people that he needs to please are his fanatics since they are the ones buying his music despite what he does.

455 days ago


He just came off stage all greasy and sweaty come on he needed to put something comfortable to slip on. What is it about TMZ and this kid? I think Harvey really wants to **** justin and have Justin fist him.

455 days ago


God I hate this douche bag

455 days ago


He needs to disappear

451 days ago

Bielieber forever     

I think his outfit is not even that bad he can do Wat he wants he's 19and no matter Wat he does his fans are always ganna love him #belieber

441 days ago
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