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Rapper R. Prophet

Graphic Post-Taser Photos

Cops Thought He Called Himself a Prophet

4/25/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pulling a Reese Witherspoon is all the rage these days ... the problem, when you're R. Prophet and ask a cop, "Do you know who I am" ... you've gotta enunciate clearly, because judging from the pics a misunderstanding can cause you a world of hurt.

Prophet was arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct and other stuff, and in the middle of the bust he screamed, "I'm R. Prophet!!!"   But cops thought he was proclaiming, "I'm a prophet" ... which made him look like a nutcase, and things went downhill quickly.

Kentucky State Police say they had to tase the ex-Nappy Roots rapper multiple times for resisting arrest ... and again for kicking out the back window of a police cruiser. The photos tell the story of the struggle.

But Prophet tells TMZ, it's all BS ... he was fully cooperative and cops repeatedly tased him for no reason as he laid helpless on the ground and handcuffed, adding, "I felt they were doing me like a slave.  I thought I was dead."  He also says when he was thrown in the back of the cruiser he was pepper sprayed and tased again.

Prophet says it got so bad in the car he thought they were going to drive him somewhere and kill him.  In a panic, he says he gashed his head on the window.

The trooper who arrested Prophet tells TMZ, the rapper was highly intoxicated, walked directly into traffic and was a danger to himself and others.


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Good riddance!    

Maybe next time just try to calmly tell them your real name and not start screaming out that you're 'R Prophet'. Might just be an easier night for ya....

545 days ago


Three mistakes he made right off the bat... 1. He thought somebody... anybody... knew who the hell R. Prophet was. 2. He thought somebody... anybody... CARED who the hell R. Prophet was. and 3. He thought he could be B.I.K. (Black in Kentucky)

545 days ago



545 days ago


"Prophet says it got so bad in the car he thought they were going to drive him somewhere and kill him."

That would have been the best course of action. Race card baiting DB.

545 days ago


Well see if he sues the state of Kentucky and the police and all that jazz.

545 days ago


You can believe his story or not, we all have our own opinions BUT enough with the racist comments. Some of you sound extremely ignorant & it's disgusting.

545 days ago


never heard of this idiot-----i'd say neither did the cops

545 days ago


Hmm, who to believe.

545 days ago


He felt they were "doing him like a slave"????? Way to pull out your race card.

545 days ago


If u were pepper sprayed then please do explain why it eyes look fine? Being as I know this clown and he thinks everyone in town should now down to him I have a feeling he is full of it as usual!

545 days ago

Duke Steele    

Racism is alive and well. Not because of this goofball but, because of the troublemakers. Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakahn and the rest. They keep telling black people that they are being held down by "the MAN". No, black people are believing those punks and this is what happens.

545 days ago


And......out comes the black card. Surprise,Surprise,S urprise! Oh yeah, and let's throw in the slave word while we're at it.

545 days ago


my heart goes out to this young man, no human being should be treated like that. sadly many of you won't agree because he's black but those are demons you will all answer for one day. I'm so grateful God is real and will judge all thepeople that get away with evil for now smh.

545 days ago

Supr Dav     

How Propheitc.

545 days ago


What goes around, comes around. Keep it up LAPD. You just might find yourself with a hundred Christoper Dorners.

545 days ago
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