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Rapper R. Prophet

Graphic Post-Taser Photos

Cops Thought He Called Himself a Prophet

4/25/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pulling a Reese Witherspoon is all the rage these days ... the problem, when you're R. Prophet and ask a cop, "Do you know who I am" ... you've gotta enunciate clearly, because judging from the pics a misunderstanding can cause you a world of hurt.

Prophet was arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct and other stuff, and in the middle of the bust he screamed, "I'm R. Prophet!!!"   But cops thought he was proclaiming, "I'm a prophet" ... which made him look like a nutcase, and things went downhill quickly.

Kentucky State Police say they had to tase the ex-Nappy Roots rapper multiple times for resisting arrest ... and again for kicking out the back window of a police cruiser. The photos tell the story of the struggle.

But Prophet tells TMZ, it's all BS ... he was fully cooperative and cops repeatedly tased him for no reason as he laid helpless on the ground and handcuffed, adding, "I felt they were doing me like a slave.  I thought I was dead."  He also says when he was thrown in the back of the cruiser he was pepper sprayed and tased again.

Prophet says it got so bad in the car he thought they were going to drive him somewhere and kill him.  In a panic, he says he gashed his head on the window.

The trooper who arrested Prophet tells TMZ, the rapper was highly intoxicated, walked directly into traffic and was a danger to himself and others.


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Doing him like a slave? Was he working for free, why every time a black entertainer gets in trouble they always scream racism. I've been around a lot of black folks and have yet to see anyone randomly attacked by police

554 days ago

Justin Long    

This is what happens when a grown ass man still behaves like an adolescent. Somehow they've made a culture out of glorifying all the s.h.i.t society has to offer and when they get out of hand and put in their place suddenly "It's racism!" Get the f.u.c.k out of here! How about acting your age, clean yourself up, get a real job, and become a decent productive member of society.

554 days ago


His friend was getting a DUI.
He was asked to stay out of it, off to the side.
If he becomes angry, aggressive, hostile and interferes, then he begins to cause and get into legal problems. Once you go all self righteous, crazy and violent....... The authorities (whatever degree of pigment they are) need to subdue you (whatever degree of pigment you are).
It is that simple.

554 days ago


The Cops in Ky will make up charges just to get an arrest. you get stoped for no seat belt, when they are done, you get tickets for no seatbelt, license tag not illuminated, ( in daytime) headlight out, (in daytime ) no proof of insurance card in possession. then the cop will ask for consent to search the car. looking for reason for more charges.

554 days ago


Lying piece of trash -- I guess they taught you a rapping lesson in KY... Good job to the police...

554 days ago


most stories like this never get in a newspaper on on a web site, the average Joe gets beat by Cops everyday.

554 days ago


Well, it *was* Kentucky. You in a heap o' trouble, boy.

554 days ago


Let this be a lesson to all the wanna-be ghetto trash, the cops will always win, do as your told and you will not get yo azz beat and tazed....

554 days ago


Dude, trim your toe nails!

554 days ago


I don't know who this cat is but I do know police brutality when I see it. All of you laughing about this. It will surely happen you and I bet you will cry and scream like a little b!tches that you are.

554 days ago


I fully believe the cops story!

554 days ago


It appears his wrist abrasions are fom his aggressive attempts to use his body while cuffed.
Also, the feet appear raw from rubbing inside the shoe, as from aggressive kicking.

554 days ago


Why didn't he just identify himself by his LEGAL name? I'm sure this wasn't the first time he was misunderstood. Why do people continue to create problems for themselves? I bet he will be yelling,"I'm suing!" Real soon.

554 days ago

Cool Breeze    

What's with the soup coolers ?

554 days ago


Black people were enslaved by the Islamic people who also enslaved whites in Europe, they bought the blacks from tribes who would conquer other ones to sell. It was actually the British who wanted to end slavery and America actually had the least slaves so it is absolutely hysterical when black people call themselves Muslims and blame all their problems on the White Man not to mention slavery is still practiced in Africa today. And no you were not all Kings and Queens you were the weaker tribe so stop trying to rewrite history. There is a reason why most Africans despise the whining ass African Americans who have so much opportunity and most of them waste it. They should be thankful they are not in a Aids malaria poverty stricken country with flies on their face

554 days ago
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