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Rapper R. Prophet

Graphic Post-Taser Photos

Cops Thought He Called Himself a Prophet

4/25/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pulling a Reese Witherspoon is all the rage these days ... the problem, when you're R. Prophet and ask a cop, "Do you know who I am" ... you've gotta enunciate clearly, because judging from the pics a misunderstanding can cause you a world of hurt.

Prophet was arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct and other stuff, and in the middle of the bust he screamed, "I'm R. Prophet!!!"   But cops thought he was proclaiming, "I'm a prophet" ... which made him look like a nutcase, and things went downhill quickly.

Kentucky State Police say they had to tase the ex-Nappy Roots rapper multiple times for resisting arrest ... and again for kicking out the back window of a police cruiser. The photos tell the story of the struggle.

But Prophet tells TMZ, it's all BS ... he was fully cooperative and cops repeatedly tased him for no reason as he laid helpless on the ground and handcuffed, adding, "I felt they were doing me like a slave.  I thought I was dead."  He also says when he was thrown in the back of the cruiser he was pepper sprayed and tased again.

Prophet says it got so bad in the car he thought they were going to drive him somewhere and kill him.  In a panic, he says he gashed his head on the window.

The trooper who arrested Prophet tells TMZ, the rapper was highly intoxicated, walked directly into traffic and was a danger to himself and others.


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Stop crying to us about it. If they truly die what you said then just do and blackout on them or shut up.

514 days ago


People say, "I believe the cops", they wouldn't lie. smhx1000 So when those Cali cops said those newspaper ladies made an aggressive move at them SO THEY SHOT UP THE TRUCK,, THAT WASN'T A LIE?

514 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

I believe him and heres why. First of all, cops do this kind of stuff more often than us regular middle class white folks would like to believe. Second, He was intoxicated, which means they can do whatever they want and blame it on the alcohol, and third, if he was lying why would he admit that he gashed his own head? why not just say they did that too? I'm going to make a wild bet, and guess that the cameras were conveniently turned off, as they ALWAYS are in these situations. Nappy, IF you are telling the truth, don't let them win. Even if the cameras are off, they still have AUDIO. I'm sick of these guys thinking they can get away with this, because the public would NEVER believe some drunk rapper over the police. The cops in my area did this to my mixed friend. They slammed his head through their windshield, for asking why he was being arrested, then tried to charge him for breaking the window. Little did they know, his father was a well known and respected WHITE judge. The cops at first tried to say there was no tape, but he was able to get it and they saw the entire incident. The cops were not fired though, just paid leave (BS), but the charges were dropped and he got a very nice settlement. Less than a year later these same cops made national news for shooting and paralyzing an unarmed motorcyclist for failing to stop right away. Come to find out from the cameras, as SOON as the guy noticed them he pulled over. As he went to turn to look at them, they shot him. His hands were clearly visible with NO weapon. He was black.

514 days ago


He's a DANGER TO HIMSELF so the cops beat him to a pulp.....

514 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Ohhh my god I think I'm dead..omg I'm dead. Wait au minute tho I'm still talking. I can still feel the beat down. It hurts stop it it hurts. Omg now I think I'm dead again..hahaha..lmao

514 days ago


Holy 'F-word'!! Dudes got some funky junk fungus feet! Maybe a terminal case!

514 days ago


I knew better than to read the comments around bunch of self hating loser's with keyboards

514 days ago


I bet you won't give the cops an attitude the next time you POS.

514 days ago


R.I.P. R Prophet

514 days ago


As a "prophet", he should of known he was gonna get his ass wooped...

514 days ago


Kentucky? I wouldn't expect anything less from the hooded boys in blue.

514 days ago


not a surprise, they were ordering people out of their homes in Boston bombing looking for 1 19yo without warrants...............

514 days ago


I think TMZ should contact the Kentucky State Police and ask for them to release the dashboard camera footage. The photos tell that there was a struggle, the film could tell if he was resisting arrest as they say.

514 days ago


*****r driving while being black and in racist Kentucky poor fool surprised he is still alive

514 days ago


The trooper who arrested Prophet tells TMZ, the rapper was highly intoxicated, walked directly into traffic and was a danger to himself and others... so they beat the living crap out of him. Makes sense.

514 days ago
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