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Conrad Murray

MJ's Death??


4/26/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

042613_conrad_murray_today_launchDr. Conrad Murray is once again speaking out from jail (but not singing this time) -- still proclaiming his innocence in the death of Michael Jackson ... and says he has hopes of practicing medicine again some day. 

Murray called in to the "Today" show this morning live from jail and said he is sorry that Jackson died, but he still maintains he is in no way responsible for his death. Murray is sticking to his story ... that Jackson administered the fatal dose of propofol himself.

The good doctor also said he DIDN'T file his appeal to shorten his prison sentence, but rather so that he can one day restore his medical license and see patients again.

Good luck with all that.


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Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a big fan of Michael Jackson.

547 days ago


Come on murry take it like a man .then again you are doing now you i jail.bend over and squeal like a pig boy!!!!!!

547 days ago


WATCH OUT any future patient's of Dr Murray, he will send YOU ON A SHORT CUT TO HEAVEN, especially if he continues his " CPR on a MATTRESS" technique.

547 days ago


Why was Joe Jackson allowed to make doctor recommendations to Jackson when he clearly admitted he had prescription addictions?
Murray had nothing to do with insomnia and sedative treatment in homes because malpractice is not permitted in homes, not to mention possible criminal activity of mentally disturbed doctors & citizens that almost certainly would lead to death.

No one's permitted to be in someone's home unless the patient had a short time to live or had physical disabilities that didn't require dangerous sedatives that aren't used outside hospitals.
Jackson got away with letting criminals in his life
He let Jordan Chandler's father abuse and manipulate Jordan. He tolerated young boys who murdered a 3 year old boy & wanted to hug them in prison.
He tried to be friends with boys without checking criminal backgrounds of the parents.
He told strangers that watched his interviews that it was ok to sleep in boys' beds. Some strangers who were also pedophiles & thieves.
He claimed his parents let him sleep with kids, so he saw nothing wrong.

Jackson used illegal doctors to get Propofol in his concerts.
He met the pedophile Elvis and also tolerated Lisa Marie Presley's underage sex with another adult.

546 days ago


Wow in denial him being the doctor the responsible one he should of never shot up mj. Regardless if mj wanted it its his duty as a doctor not to cross that line but he saw lots of $$$$ so that's what happened he destroyed his life as well as mj

546 days ago

International Pedophile Awareness Day June 25    

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We Thank Thee, Oh Lord That The Children Of
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We Thank Thee, Oh Lord For Delivering
This Tortured Soul Unto The Gates Of
Hell, That He May Dwell Therein For All
Eternity, For All The Innocent Souls Of
The Children That Were Abused By This
Evil Serpent

We Pray & Ask Thee, Oh Heavenly Father
That On This Day, The Children That Were
Victims Of Abuse, Be Blessed, That They
Can Forgive & Forget The Horrible Acts
Committed Unto Them By Michael Jackson

We Ask Thee, Oh Heavenly Father, That The
Sinful Evil, Greedy Jacksons, That Care More
About Money & How To Acquire More And
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And We Say This In The Name Of The Son, The Father & The Holy Ghost

~ Amen~


546 days ago


He suffers from lack of conscience, among other things. He still doesn't feel responsible for his involvement in the death of Michael Jackson. He feels he's the victim. Total lack of remorse!

545 days ago


Jackson was the one who believed he was of the right mindset. He played the victim. Murray wasn't paid by the child neglector fool who had everyone bowing down to him no matter how wrong he was. Jackson didn't care that Murray himself had not paid child support and neglected his children. Jackson got what he asked for - crime.
Jackson was the one who threw money away and needed to do concerts to pay for his spoiled family's lifestyle. Propofol was his godly solution.

Katherine knew he lied about drugs for 15 years, but she chose to ignore his disgusting health deterioration because she cared more about getting money and praise for his concerts. No surprise, she ignored Joe Jackson's abusive & unforgiveable behavior toward her & her kids. Beatles Catalog obviously didn't satisfy her or Jackson. Nothing was enough. Insomnia was manageable, but not according to Jackson.

545 days ago


Michael Jackson Was Addicted To Painkillers, His Mother’s Lawyer Tells Jury In Opening Of Wrongful Death Trial

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 @ 12:35PM | By David Perel

Splash News/Getty Images
Splash News/Getty Images

Michael Jackson had an addiction to painkillers and concert promoter AEG failed to properly investigate Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter in to the singer’s death. That’s what Brian Panish, the lawyer for Katherine Jackson, told a jury Monday in opening statements of Katherine’s wrongful death trial against AEG.

Panish charged that AEG seemed to be the only ones claiming to be unaware of Michael’s addiction, and that they are ultimately responsible for the tragedy as the superstar prepared for This Is It, a series of comeback concerts.

PHOTOS: Stage Shots of Michael Jackson Performing

“His (Michael Jackson’s) stirring voice, his musical genius, his creativity and his generosity and his huge heart was extinguished forever…You’re going to hear the whole story about what happened in the death of Michael Jackson,” Panish told the jury of six men and women, the AP reported.

Murray was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter death of Jackson, who died from acute Propofol intoxication in 2009 at age 50.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

AEG maintains they were unaware that Murray was giving Jackson Propofol to help him sleep, and that the former physician is responsible for the death.

Panish revealed to the jury of six men and six women that Jackson had an addiction to prescription drugs, including Demerol, and relied on pain medications after he suffered horrific burns on his head during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in 1984.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids: Three Years After His Death

“Over the years Michael family’s and people who knew him believed he had a problem with prescription medication,” Panish told jurors, and that AEG and its executives claim to be the only ones who were unaware of his issues.

The lawyer told jurors they would be responsible for determining who was responsible for Jackson’s death.

“Michael paid the ultimate price. He died,” Panish emphasized.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids Star In Tribute Concert

Katherine, Randy Jackson and Rebbie Jackson sat in the first row of the courtroom.

The Jackson family matriarch is suing AEG Live for $40 billion dollars, and Michael’s three children are also listed as plaintiffs. AEG maintains it did not hire Murray and could not have predicted the events that led to Jackson’s death.

Katherine, Prince, and Paris are all expected to testify at the trial.

PHOTOS: Katherine Jackson Holds Memorial For King Of Pop In His Hometown

AEG’s lawyer, Marvin Putnam is expected to address the jury on Monday afternoon after the lunch recess.

Stay tuned to for developments…..

544 days ago


murray sickins me,he is forgetting that HE murdered michael jackson sick bastard,just listened to him gurnin like a baby for someone to help him from his cell!! KARMA PAY MURRAY A VISIT ASAP

536 days ago


Why the hell is he making calls to a tv show in jail!! Why should he get privileges!! He's isolated, gets a mobile phone! He's gonna get everything he deserves!!

410 days ago
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