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Gene Simmons

I Want My Kids

Outta My House

4/26/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who wants to be the children of Gene Simmons?  The answer is absolutely everyone, because when Gene gets sick of his kids freeloading at home, he gets them out by buying them their own crib.

Gene's wife Shannon has been house hunting -- checking out this nice $2 million fixer-upper in Sherman Oaks (below) Sunday.

Apparently the digs aren't suitable for 24-year-old Nick and 20-year-old Sophie ... so the search continues.

BTW, as for why the 3,800-sq.-ft. house wasn't right ... the yard just wasn't big enough for their dogs.


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Like his kids ACTUALLY takes the dogs for walks....

552 days ago


Sorry, I don't believe this story for a minute. First off, when the hell is SIMMONS ever home enough to even be bothered by his children living there. Secondly, the size of that house, I'm sure they very seldom cross paths considering when HE IS HOME, is forever in that damn office. Lastly, Shannon, and I adore her, is a very needing mom, she loves having her kids around, she's stated more than once she hopes they never leave. If they are actually shopping around for a house for the kids, it's because SOPHIE AND NICK want out. LOL. Oh, and one other thing, did it ever occur to TMZ that the reason Simmons spoils his kids rotten is because he's compensating for not being around for his kids? The man missed most of their milestones when they were growing up because he was on tour constantly. I love how he tried using that for an excuse when Sophie graduated. He's the fcuking frontman for Kiss, he makes the big decisions. He knew when his daughter was graduating and could have scheduled around the big day. Being a FATHER isn't about the DNA you contributed, it's about doing what's right in the best interest of your children. I also don't believe his kids are like ALL SPOILED RICH KIDS> How many times have his been arrested, photographed drunk in public, been in fist fights in clubs. Hell, I've never seen Sophie dressed in slutty clothes or seen pictures of her with one guy after the other. Hell, I've only seen NICK with one or two girlfriends. At their ages, neither have children out of wedlock either. I'll give them kudos for that.

552 days ago


Why can't Sophie whore herself in "SOFT PORN" movies like her mother and TRAP a wealthy ROCK STAR?

552 days ago


What an idiot, make the lazy bums get a damn job.

552 days ago


I watched the show the kids seem very balanced and very respectful of their parents. Gene and Shannon did a great job

552 days ago


Shannon did a great job Gene was never home! Gene working and cheating with other women!!

552 days ago


They could buy a new home and give their to the kids. They need a better one.

552 days ago


I see it that GS has worked hard forever setting up his brand and marketing it and therefore is quite well off. I do not think he could spend all of his money even if he tried. If he wants to buy a house for his kids I say more power to him. I do alot for mine and if I had the money to burn I would do the same. I am sure they are both proud of their kids.

552 days ago


There are a lot of people in the world who would love to have a home half as nice as this one. Someone should remind the children, I mean young adults they should be counting their lucky stars that mom and dad have the means to purchase a new home.

552 days ago


Ugh! I can't stand Gene and Shannon. They were recently endorsing and promoting their good friends Dog and Beth Chapman and their new show.

552 days ago

Elliot Rodger    

Sometimes I think that these two kiddos bang each other

552 days ago


seriously nick? are you now one of those self entitled rich kids who cant do for himself and want to skip over all the responsibilities, and have daddys money? grow the f up!!!

552 days ago


Amazing, we were taught not to look a gify horse in the mouth. This is the problem with kids raised in a priviledged environment where they don't have to work for what they want, their given their desires on a silver platter. Then when mom and dad croaks, they expect society to bend to their desires.

552 days ago

Throwback kid    

The brother and sister are still going to live together? They are like the Kardashians, if it's not a mansion they can't live in it, it is beneath them. How about getting a real job and renting an apartment like other people in their 20's do? These adult kids of his are spoiled rotten and feel very entitled for a couple of no talents who do nothing but name drop their famous father

552 days ago


gene is the poster child for all yoiu need is money to score ass.dude is ugly as **** but women throw themselves at him due to his money

552 days ago
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