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Yo, Mark Wahlberg!

'Funky Bunch' Reunion

Spot ... Available Now

4/26/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, Mark Wahlberg ... about that Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch reunion you said you were down to do -- someone's now offering up a venue for the highly anticipated event ... TMZ has learned.

The music and youth group, Boston City Singers, is holding a benefit for bombing victims this weekend ... and they've extended an open invitation to Mark and his crew.

The group's director Melissa Graham tells us ... "We would be honored to join with Mark and the Funky Bunch in a concert to help us all heal from the atrocities of the Boston Marathon terrorists."

There's a connection here -- the Dorchester-based group says it's received generous funds from the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation -- so they'd welcome him with open arms.

The event's going down Saturday at St. Mark's Church (appropriate) -- which doesn't give Wahlberg a ton of time to get his choreography together.

We've reached out to Mark's people, but no word back yet.

Fingers crossed, Boston.


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Go for it!

544 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks Mark will back out and have some excuse?

544 days ago



544 days ago

Winter is Coming    

Sorry, but ain't gonna happen. Two days is no time to prepare, and it would be embarrassing. Even just plain musicians (who don't have to choreograph dance steps, etc) would still need a little notice to "get back in tune", as it were. Funky Bunch may be back, but they would need logistics/practice/PR time.

Now if it were someone who lip syncs for a living, like Britney Spears, Milli Vanilli, etc, there would be no problem.

544 days ago


Hes not going to do it. Its taken him this long to get rid of the white rapper stigmata why would he want to go through all that again.

544 days ago


he won't do it.......he's too cool......not!!!!
all talk, but their words are soo cheap, being stand up guys don't come naturally, lies, hatefulness, deceit and gluttony is their nature..see the pattern..?
typical american white male monkeys
with their me me me me me childish attitude...ridiculous, stick a fork in it!!

544 days ago


Did he say : "He could also have stopped the 9/11 plane highjackers." ?

544 days ago


wahlberg is a dumb pos

544 days ago


Back in the 90's there was nothing hotter than Markey Mark and his three nipples in a pair of CK briefs.

544 days ago


Whether he does it or not I Still Love #MW# !!! Sexy whiteboi

544 days ago


one minute he's a gangster and cool with the blacks
(steal their style and music get to the top) then acts like a typical white kid.......spineless man
"puke 4 times" just looking at him........!!!
"we hate blacks" (so much right?) bla bla bla but yet steal everything they come up with, blinded to the fact that because of them(blacks minorities) as well as us, that what makes america great, appealing and different from any other country on the face of the planet.....instead of embracing our multiculturalism, we pick and choose all while whining about what made us great in the first one group made america great. but one group is so childish and entitled....
its so fvcking stupid....rap, country, rock, jazz and blues should be an american culture but we are so divided that we cant embrace everything we are blessed with due to hatefulness from one side (american white male cave monkeys) grow up and get along with others as men instead of being hypocrites..!! it disgusting.....

544 days ago


girls look at that face...right after that photo was taken, he asked his girlfriend "have you ever dated or thought of dating any black guys before? cause if you have, i'm done with you..because I'm insecure and inferior with a small wee wee" sounds familiar, right girls?...pathetic!
slap a guy who ever ask you that....

544 days ago


The Funky Bunch never really did anything but hang out and act as hype men. Of course they want to ride that fame train again

544 days ago


why the hell does TMZ always push this stupid bit? go on this new thing called F***ing youtube if you want to see the funkybunch...they had one song in the 90's what the hell do we need a reunion concert for?
Im sure Mark does plenty for Boston charities

544 days ago


im pretty sure that church doesnt have enough seating for a reunion concert!

544 days ago
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