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Master P


Rapper Storms Out of Surprise B-day Party

4/26/2013 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Master P
hates flash mobs ... HATES THEM ... at least, it seemed that way when he stormed away from a mob that was organized especially for his birthday yesterday ... and TMZ got the whole thing on tape.

P was enjoying a nice relaxing lunch with his son Romeo in Santa Monica ... when a flash mob broke out right in front of Master P's table.

But Mr. P clearly wasn't amused ... and right in the middle of the performance (during a Gangnam Style routine), the No Limit founder got out of his seat and beelined it for the exit, clearly upset.

As he left the restaurant, a woman connected to the event chased after P and begged him to come back ... saying, "Don't leave ... it's your birthday."

The woman also told P the name of the person who organized the event in the hopes P would have a change of heart ... but P didn't care, and continued to storm off.

On his way out, we commented to P, "That didn't go like they planned, huh?"

His response -- "Nah, it did not."

So, why was P so pissed off? We're trying to find out ... maybe he just isn't a fan of Psy?


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How gauche! I don’t blame him - I would have bolted the second they started, lol. A flash mob in my honor, with cameras, no less, is number two on my worst feared surprises list (and it will likely never happen). Number one is the unexpected appearance of a really gross, smelly, sweaty male stripper at my ‘surprise’ birthday party. That one actually happened, lol.

491 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

"Flash Mobs" are SOOOOO 2010!

491 days ago


Now we know what the P stands for. Heeeere, kitty kitty

491 days ago


Doesn't look like he was terribly uspet or that he stormed out of there to me. He just left. Maybe he had somewhere to go.

491 days ago


We'll probably find out later a friend of his did it as a joke, because he hates flash mobs (or psy). At least the other customers got a free show and the dancers got paid!

491 days ago


The dancers suck they were not on feet especially the guy in front with the blue shirt

491 days ago


The man is trying to eat and chill with his son on his birthday... Leave them the fu$@ alone! Whoever had that idea is a moron.

491 days ago

go home!    

What a jerk. I feel bad for that lady. :(

491 days ago


That is so awkward. Why would you do that to someone? Isn't the waiter bringing out a cupcake and everyone singing awkward enough?

491 days ago

King Anton    

totally love Master P for this.. flash mobs suck

491 days ago


Maybe he had to take a dump and didn't wanna go in front of all the people

491 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

It was too long and if you're going to give a musician a flash mob for his birthday you should consider incorporating his music in it. Not to mention a flash mob should be bigger than a few mediocre dancers shouldn't it?

491 days ago


I feel badly for him. He did not seem to be angry, just annoyed. Maybe he did not want everyone staring at him while he had to watch that stupid dance. You never know what kind of a day someone is having, he was just not into it.

491 days ago


How long did they expect him to sit there and watch that mess? And what "work" could this possibly have taken? Every single flash mob is doing the same thing, Gangnam style and that Harlem shake crap. I doubt any of them had to learn any new moves. Stop making it seem like he was being unappreciative. To make it seem like he was "Mr Grumpy" is unfair seeing as though he sat through 2 whole songs. He tried to have dinner like a normal person and now there's a huge flash mob dancing in front of him, and a large group of people looking to see what was going on. It went from a private meal to something completely different. I don't blame him for getting up and leaving. I would've left as soon as I saw them forming.

491 days ago



491 days ago
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