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Tom Brokaw Blasts Lindsay


White House Correspondents' Dinner

4/26/2013 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
DESTROYED any shred of dignity the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner had left ... and now it's nothing more than a joke ... this according to Tom Brokaw.

The legendary newsman blasted the dinner during an interview with Politico -- saying the standards for the once-respected event have fallen so low, his daughter's junior prom has more dignity.

FYI -- Lohan was a guest of Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren at last year's event ... where booze flows freely and Beltway nerds routinely bring show-offy stars as plus-ones.

Brokaw says he's so pissed at the downfall of the event, he won't ever attend again.

However, there was one wild and crazy celebrity appearance that he actually enjoyed -- wait'll ya hear who it is.



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Black Dirt Goodness    

I thought Hannah was staying away? Wow. What a powerful message you sent to your fellow addicts. Good job.

511 days ago


Tom is right linsday (sp) is a JOKE!!! Shouldn't be invited to qNY social event

511 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Seamus's husband will soon be after Bear. Life is good in Belize

511 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Someone has to root the filth out of here.

511 days ago


In the words of Dear Prince Charles, *Dirt* wishes that he/she/IT, was one of Blo's tampons.!!!!!

511 days ago


Tom Brokaw has nothing to gain by disparaging Crackie. So he must really mean it. It must have been pretty bad.

511 days ago


Yes it’s true, Black Sphincter Dirt Death X Chromosome wants to be a Lohan Tampon and Spelunker.

511 days ago

That bathing suit Julianne Hough is waring it does not go together.A peach bottom with multi colored top,not even peach color in the top.She looks like a rainbow.

511 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Well Lindsay fans on the best fansite said it was already bad so......

I was wondering if Lindsay didn't complete the 90 days would she be given a warrant like that snitch t.i or would the cops fly out ?

511 days ago


Brokaw is a spoiled old dinosaur. He's irrelevant nowadays! Who cares.

511 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

It's simply amazing that a well-respected and accomplished journalist like Tom Brokaw gets trashed by the handful of Lohan fans on here just because he stated his opinion on Lohan's presence at the Correspondents' Dinner.

It shows what kind of people you're dealing with here - ones that won't hesitate to attack anyone and everyone who speaks negatively about Lohan, completely ignoring the fact that all the negative publicity is entirely her fault.

Yet ask any of them to list admirable qualities of Lindsay Lohan, and they're all completely silent.

511 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

LOVE LOVE LOVE fluffy rehab escape plan

511 days ago


Speaking of Threesomes, eh?


Family Day at Rehab is very important and since it falls on a Sunday which happens also to be the Cinco De Mayo; special arrangements have been made, eh? Filthy Freddie Sanchez, Pepe’s Trainer and Owner has been contracted by Lohan Inc for a magnificent conjugal visit! “Everyone knows Lindsay will be climbing the walls and ready to get Happy Feet out of there by Sunday and Pepe plans to glue her culo to the bed! Pepe is closer to Linds than most of her family and all of her friends. He wants to give her a full load of Jack A$$ love and support to get well!”

“Those fvcking r3tarded Gringos think Pepe is a drug and alcohol sniffing mule and will inspect the premises and patients; they are paying him a fee of $10K” Freddie added. DUIna of course wants 20% and Pepe said “fine, I’ll give it to her in trade once I am back out of Rehab.”

Pepe declared “This is a Grudge Fvck more than anything else; Lindsay is a Pendejo Pu$$y that nearly ruined my reputation and she gave my package a serious case of the Peruvian Root Rash. The load I am dropping in her will be a ****tail of the weirdest sh!t I could find in TJ. When I am done with Linds I am going to give her mother a Donkey Punch that will take that single mother of four all the way out to Labor Day. (Laboring to deliver four kids is the last work anyone remembers DUIna ever doing, eh?) Then I am going to give her a Dirty Sanchez! (Which was named after Freddie’s Famous Forbearer, a Spanish Conqueror) My friend Shauna Sand says I should pound sand up her a$$ as a gritty reminder to be a better mom!”

Fun Times in Rehab, eh? Pepe calls this “Tough Love”; indeed!

511 days ago


No redeeming qualities Zephyr and several awful qualities. Lieing. I admit we all tell a white lie or two but LIEING to police, to the court--I'm sick and can't make it--is Illegal. And I can't stand people who steal. Taking things you never worked for just goes all over me. Get a job and buy what you can afford. Lindsey has stolen from a sweet elderly lady, friends, aquaintances, and strangers. Eventually she will get busted again and do REAL prison time. And most of Americans pay their taxes even if we gripe about how high they are, we pay. The IRS is not to be trifled with. Lindsey thinks she's all that. She's just a SS number and collectable debt to the IRS. And this woman's ENTITLED attitude. How do these enablers justify all the crap Lindsey has done and continues to do is beyond me. I didn't even mention the drinking and drugs jic she is an addict but her denials about her drug issues are a joke. Lindsey enablers you should be ashamed for continuing to support this lieing, stealing, tax dodging, drugged, really awful person.

511 days ago


He's right, she's a bleeping junkie who took over a restroom.

511 days ago
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