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Clint Eastwood's Wife

Severely Depressed ...

Marriage Is Falling Apart

4/28/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood
's wife Dina entered rehab for depression and anxiety because she says her marriage is on the rocks ... and the possibility of divorce sent her over the edge.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Clint and Dina -- who've been married since 1996 -- have been having serious marital issues for months ... and things got so bad, Dina had divorce on her mind.

Our sources wouldn't specify the nature of the marital problems ... but we're told Clint still believes the marriage is salvageable.

We're also told the rehab stint was Dina's choice ... and she plans to stay at the exclusive Arizona facility for a few months.


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Sharon M Rybak    

He's a has she stood him this long??

512 days ago


You are too good for this Mexican Liberal Media has been, Clint. What ever you do, do NOT divorce her and give that gold digger half.

512 days ago


Being an airhead Republican he naturally hates middle class and poor people, women, aliens, minorities, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, old people, young people, pensions, unions, etc., etc. But he thinks it alright for us to keep getting pay cuts while paying more taxes and the super rich and large companies to pay little or no taxes. She may fit into one or more of these categories so no wonder she's pissed.

512 days ago


Clint is Clint, doing what he has done all his life. Careful what you wish for cause Clint can and will handle the problem in less than 1 Sec. Money problems are impossible for him, he has it, whatever the amount. He has had a very charmed life and I hope peace is found for the rest of his days.

512 days ago


I watched his reality show,that women is a fame and money whore,a small time news reporter who let Clint bang her and produce a child for financial reasons,
Hope a prenup was signed,slimy woman

512 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

she's probably tired of having to always hear about when milk used to cost a nickel.

512 days ago


Darling, it's called MENOPAUSE. I fell apart too but since I could not afford to go to an Arizona clinic, I just went crazy on my couch. In time, you will feel better. Then you can divorce Clint.

512 days ago


Get off of my lawn

512 days ago

Fred Farkel    


This is called MENOPAUSE and NO ONE has warned you yet that life as you know it with your awesome wife will END WITH A THUD someday.

Nothing you can do can fix a menopausal woman. Clint Eastwood can't fix this. God can't fix this. You boys remember the day Uncle Fred told you this. One day your wife will open her mouth and some STUPID unbelieveable garbage and filth will come out her mouth from nowhere. You will think WTF was that all about??

Boys: That's the warning to hire a lawyer and GET OUT. You'l see. Uncle Fred is here to protect you boys from the most evil S H I T you will eveer see in your life.

Again. Someday you will wake up and SATN will be laying next to you...

512 days ago


What's the problem Dina? Is he not dying off quick enough for you? Divorce is perhaps a quicker payout?

512 days ago

Joe t. Pico    

Thats what happens when u marry a looney republican, viva obama putos!!

512 days ago


I detest when people that are married for years divorce cause things have been bad for months. Piss off. Fix it. Wasters.

512 days ago


Everyone's relationship, who has been married a long while, goes south from time to time and with him being addicted to working and she having an Empty-Nest syndrome , which sure doesn't help depression, i'd say their life is theirs and it must suck being in the public's eye.

512 days ago


what did anyone expect - love Clint but he's old enough to be her grandpa! Surprised marriage lasted so long. I heard she is not a nice person too.

512 days ago

Carlos Nells    

Does anyoner know any women who doesn't get real depressed about you? They don't get depressed about's you. They are an automatic victim until thi9ngs go to court then laws take over...What a shock equal rights are when the cushion wimmen has been gettin' turns on it's corner. I ain't talkin' about no mean people just normal wimmens is crazy enough to make you wonder.

512 days ago
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