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'Welcome to Myrtle Manor'

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4/28/2013 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Welcome to Myrtle Manor" -- a reality show on TLC about a bunch of Southerners living in a trailer park -- might be setting a brand new record ... not for stellar ratings, but for the amount of cast members getting arrested in one weekend.

Arrest #1: 28-year-old Taylor Jonathan Burt was popped by cops Saturday night after a teenage girl (under 16) told the Myrtle Beach PD she and Burt engaged in sexual relations, according to a local report.

Arrest #2: Lindsay Brooke Colbert was arrested Sunday AM on suspicion of DUI. Cops say they pulled Lindsay over for speeding, but when they approached her ride, not only did she reek of alcohol ... there was an open bottle of rum near the driver's seat, according to local reports.

The 21-year-old was given a field sobriety test -- which she bombed -- and then reportedly accused the cops of picking on her because she's on TV. Police say LBC blew a B.A.C of .15 ... almost twice the legal limit in South Carolina.

As TMZ previously reported ... Taylor and Lindsay weren't the only "Myrtle" members arrested this week ... Amanda Lee Adams was popped on suspicion of DUI Friday ... after she allegedly got drunk as a skunk and crashed into an electric pole.

Maybe this show is more interesting than we thought.


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Why is it OK to be Racist against Whites? What? You think somebody 'deserves' it because Of The Color of Their Skin? This show shown with it's counterparts within the Black or Hispanic community would be yanked due to the outcry but it's just fine to paint all Whites as unethical hillbillies.

507 days ago


Sounds like another Ryan Seacrest production like the Kardashians.

507 days ago


Buckwild cloning continues...idiot programming execs buy in, AGAIN

507 days ago


Dude hairline started from the bottom now it's here LMAO 28 Hmmm angel sqints her eye Nope I call B.S

507 days ago


What is anybody "learning" from that show except redneck stereotypes??? Get rid of sh!t like this on a supposedly educational channel.

507 days ago


Ah. Alcohol.
The most readily available drug in the U.S.

506 days ago


Uh, this IS a trailer park.

506 days ago


I tried to tell you guys , this show is great. Yea they are rednecks in Myrtle beach, which is not red neck, I used to live there. (Not in the trailer park, but I wish) Its a week long party there all weeke, every week from April until November. I am sure some of the show is scripted but 90% of it is halarious.

506 days ago


Being on a reality show about living in the trailer park in South Carolina does not make you a star! It makes you a bona fide idiot for being on the show!

506 days ago


They are kids, living at the beach, in a trailer park and thats the jist of it. The security guard is a fkn riot. And yea, Im a honkey and Ill say it, Black people can say whatever they want, they have the freedom of speech also, Ive been all over this country and we are all pretty much the same. Rollem up, smokem if ya gotem.

506 days ago


The guy that got arrested is, I think, the son of the lady with the cat that dates the security guard. He is also the guy that used to live withthe one weiner girl with the pink hair.

506 days ago


Any clown over the age of 18 having sex with a girl UNDER 16 is just begging to be arrested. That's why those girls are called "jailbait". Duh!

506 days ago


Funny how TLC is "The Learnig Channel" but everytime I watch it I feel dumber and dumber

506 days ago

Jeffrey Sewell    

Myrtle Manor Notoriety

If attention getting publicity is what the show needs to rebound with viewers, why not bring in the Anna Nicole Smith connection?

505 days ago


How have I never heard of this show? Normally hillbilly shows turn my stomach, but I spent a year in myrtle beach years ago. Not in the trailer park, but I did see my first trailer park. My reaction was no way, Jerry springer was real! TLC huh, I'll have to take a peak before they cancel it.

504 days ago
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