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Christopher Dorner

Carjack Victim Sues

For $1 Million Reward

4/29/2013 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who was carjacked by cop killer Christopher Dorner hours before he was cornered in a cabin ... is suing the city of L.A. for the $1 million reward it offered to the public, but then pulled back over a loophole ... TMZ has learned.

In the lawsuit, filed today in LA, Richard Heltebrake describes how Dorner pulled a gun on him on Feb. 12, took his truck and then used it during a shootout with law enforcement. Dorner eventually ditched the truck before fleeing to the cabin where he died.

Heltebrake says once he was free he used his cell phone to call the San Bernardino Co. Sheriff to report the carjacking and Dorner's location.

Heltebrake believes he's owed, and indeed filed for, a ton of reward money that was offered -- $1 million from the city of L.A., $100k from Riverside County, and $100k each from the cities of Riverside and Irvine.

Three of those rewards were for "information leading to the apprehension and capture" of Dorner. Another was for "identification and apprehension."

The language is important because Dorner was not apprehended or captured -- but instead police say he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the burning cabin.

As TMZ first reported, L.A. officials were hesitant to pay up -- and in the suit, Heltebrake claims all the municipalities denied him any money.

Heltebrake wants at least $1 million -- as well as an order prohibiting anyone else from getting the reward money.


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Vivian sums it all up perfectly in the 23 comment, page 2: "Not sure this guy qualifies for the money due to the cir***stances surrounding his carjacking etc., I think the "spirit" of reward money is to reward someone sho knows something and might otherwise be too afraid to come forward." Vivian, you get the reward for some intelligent comment!

510 days ago


Cha-Ching why not take advantage.....Of a pay day? This guy was unfortunate to have been confronted by Dornor but I beleive the couple that walked in on him in their condo rental should get the reward if anybody gets it at all. Either that or the couple and this guy split it.

510 days ago


Umm how about the couple who were tied up, had a rifle in their face, and pillow cases over their head? Pretty sure they were the first " real lead"...this guy kinda seems like a douche looking g for an easy buck. Regardless, no one will get anything from anybody..

510 days ago

Hell If I Know    

JHC..what a lowlife...and I not talking about Dorner, I'm talking about this Heltebreke clown. Can our society get any lower? What about just doing your civic duty as a good citizen? This azzhole wants to turn getting carjacked into a million dollar payday. Hellz to the hellz NO! A murderer was on the loose..if you see him, it is your duty as a fukking citizen to turn his bad azz in. Simple. Period. End of story. I don't CARE if some sort of "reward" was being offered. Newflash: Dorner has KILLED people. Why would you only consider telling the police where a dangerous killer was if you were going to be get a fat payday? You know, our society used to not be in the gutter like today. Jonas Salk, who invented the POLIO vaccine could have made MILLIONS for himself but he said "No, this vaccine belongs to the world". He got rid of polio for the most part, a disease that crippled and killed people, even our own president FDR. Most of us are too young to remember the utter TERROR polio held over people. One minute they would be fine, the next minute they would be dead, crippled on having to live in an iron lung.

This guy is a lowlife piece of garbage and I hope he gets ZILCH. Since when do police agencies have to PAY people to turn in killers????

Salk was a hero, a man of honor, a good citizen and a man to be respected. This Heltebrake clown? He's as much of a POS as Dorner was.

510 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Why don't we give the money to the kids (four I think) who were left fatheless when Dorner killed their police officer fathers who were trying to capture and get this SOB off the streets so he could not kill again? One is a tiny infant.

510 days ago


"Three of those rewards were for "information leading to the apprehension and capture" of Dorner. Another was for "identification and apprehension."

The language is important because Dorner was not apprehended or captured -- but instead police say he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the burning cabin."

So he died in the cabin and the police abandoned his dead body to rot? Or did they take possession of the body?

They took possession of it.

I don't see "alive" anywhere in the reward statements.

510 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Reading the comments here make me very fearful and also very sickened by our society. 99.9% of the posters here don't have a moral compass. People today think it's fine to cheat, lie, steal, do white color crime, do insider trading, as long as you don't get caught. Not suprising since Kobe Bryant is a rapist and he is STILL held in high esteem by people who say they "admire" him. What is there to admire anyway? Somebody rapes somebody yet can put a ball through a hoop so that makes it alright. He makes a lot of money so his wife thnks being able to buy expensive clothes and live in Newport Coast is worth staying married to a cheater and a RAPIST? What is there to admire about these people?

The comments here on not suprising since most of TMZ posters have cut their teeth watching Gorden Geko on Wall Street proclaim "Greed is good".

News flash: It's is EVERY person's duty as a citizen to turn into the police a violent killer. Getting carjacked by pure randomness by the killer does NOT give a person the right to claim a "reward". Any decent person with an ounce of self respect would never accept money for telling the police that they were just carjacked by a violent murderer.

510 days ago

Peeter Pahn    

What do you think a reward is for people...thats why they offer one..thwy should pay up

510 days ago


I totally called it... I remember watching the news when mayor villaraigosa announced they were offering a reward... Hubby and I BOTH said... "They're not gonna pay anyone"
Why would they spend money on important issues like our safety when Villaraigosa has important parties with Charlie Sheen to get back to?

510 days ago


He had me until the part where he does not want anyone else to get part of the monies! That just went too far to the side of Greed for me!

510 days ago


He had me up until he said he did not want anyone else to get part of the monies! Greed is not good

510 days ago


The $1 million was for anything leading to "The Arrest and Conviction of Christopher Dorner" not the "Kill and Burning of him". And that's pretty funny because LAPD was out to shoot him on sight, so either way no one was gonna get paid because the cops weren't looking past that for a trial and conviction for him. Shows how sneaky LAPD is...

510 days ago



510 days ago


He's dead right. You know reading this would make me not give a dam to get involved in any of it. They will regret not holding there word

509 days ago

ned stark    

I would sue them 2 million, 1 million for the reward and 1 million for being douchebags

506 days ago
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