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Active NBA Player

Jason Collins


4/29/2013 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Washington Wizards center Jason Collins -- who's been playing in the NBA since 2001 -- has revealed he's gay ... making him the first major active American male pro athlete to come out of the closet .

Collins revealed the news in an article for Sports Illustrated ... saying, "I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay."

He continued, "I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I'm happy to start the conversation."

Collins -- and his twin brother Jarron -- have been high profile athletes since high school ... when they were two of the highest rated prep players in the country.

They both went on to become standouts at Stanford ... and were each drafted into the NBA in 2001.

Jason says he didn't come out to his twin until last summer.  "I'm glad I can stop hiding and refocus on my 13th NBA season."

NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker are rallying behind Collins, tweeting messages of support.  Kobe wrote, "Proud of @jasoncollins34. Don't suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others." Tony added, "Really hope people will RESPECT Jason Collins for his decision to come out. Just glad he can now relax and not be afraid to be who he is."

Meanwhile, NFL player Mike Wallace made a homophobic comment.


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Who cares, it's not like he came out and said I'm Black. This is not an issue, no one needs to know everyone's sexual orientation. I am really sick of hearing about the gays and lesbians, they just need to stay in the closet.

521 days ago


Never heard of him.

521 days ago

Lori Shult    

Who The Heck cares. I just hate how the world is so Judgmentally Ignorant to things like this. I give him A lot of Respect for doing it. I don't care if people are Purple lol as long as your nice and decent it won't change the fact that a person is less nice just because he is Gay. I think any Human Being who has an issue like that just has no soul. I know who the heck Em I to Judge it not
my place or my Business unless someone is
coming on to me. So as long as the person keeps
in Check and be respectful. I do hate that people
do think because someone is gay there checking
you out. I don't think anyone is that Special and has some Magical Powers to get someone to be
turned on by everyone. It ignorance it just like Girls
don't check out all Guys or Girls nor do men do
that either. It an idiotic Assumption at best. Some
people need to get over themselves and move the
Heck on acting like it there place or business to
Judge. It Hypocritical because no one is a perfect
angel. So Don't judge on things you cannot really
Get and there is a simple answer don't hate someone just because someone you know is
Gay a true friend won't have that big of an issue.
America seems to pride themselves on Equality
it Pretend and very non existence. Listen everyone
has a right to an Opinion but some of these Anti
Gay people go to far with it I thought God was
suppose to be equal and Fair. I just don't like
people forcing one other beliefs and act like
if you don't agree it a sin it either your with them
or not with them. So I am impressed Good For

521 days ago


Okayyyy....life goes on as usual so let's play ball and make this money!! Nothing changes, who cares, that's his business, he's not watching me screw, I'm not watching him screw, so what's the big deal?

521 days ago


I hopr this helps others in the same situation.if jason can find the strengh then so can others

521 days ago


I just want to jump up and down and shout Yay! Thank you, Jason. I'm sure you'll open some hearts.

521 days ago


Anyone can say they are gay I want to see him prove it

521 days ago

Gravity's Silhouette    

I've never heard of him before, so if one of the reasons for him coming out was to get name recognition and notoriety, then mission accomplished.

Am I correct in assuming that, because he played for 6 teams in 12 years, that he's not all that great?

521 days ago


So what that hes gay? Tmz is gonna make it like thats all he is is gay. Not a good player but gay gay gay. I hope they dont beat this story to death.

521 days ago


Good for him:)

521 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing about sexual preference. I don't care. I judge athletes based on ability and character. I judge musicians based on ability and character. I judge actors based on ability and character. Do you notice a trend?

521 days ago


So what Harvey was the first high profile lawyer to come out of the closet.

521 days ago


WE LOVE YOU JASON COLLINS! Thank you for having the courage to come out to the world in order to better humanity. This will start the conversation, people need to learn to respect one another. You're a hero!

521 days ago


Awesome! Thanks for your courage Jason!!

521 days ago


Good for him. No one should have to hide who they are just to please a bunch of narrow minded dolts.

521 days ago
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