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Jason Collins

And The First Pro Athlete to Make a Homophobic Tweet Is ...

4/29/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


... Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace!!

Just HOURS after NBA player Jason Collins announced he's gay, 26-year-old Wallace took right to Twitter to provide the first ignorant comment.

“All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH (shakin' my head) …”

30 minutes later, Wallace deleted his tweet and replaced it with a half-assed explanation:

"Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don't understand!! Deeply sorry for anyone that I offended."

Fun Fact -- Dolphins are one of the few animals that engage in gay sex!

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if jason collins is gay then there is no reason to tell anyone about it thats his business, so why the need to publish who and where he choose to put his penis

353 days ago


I don't see anything homophobic at all, people make too much out of nothing.

353 days ago


Jason's situation is different from Magic's son's because the later is young and has always been out. Jason is 34yrs and lived his life pretending to be strait, he felt the need for coming out.

353 days ago

hubert jeffrey    

Evolution will take care of all ignorant people like this idiot..

353 days ago


I'm not Gay, but I respect others right to Love and live without harm with who they choose. Mike Wallace so STFU! Live your life and be content in your small minded World.

353 days ago

Tell it to the world    

Please America let HETEROSEXUALS EXPRESS how they FEEL!! Its so bigotry just to support one sided views!! I think its someone's right to say what type of SEX they dont like!! I have a right to say I dont want someone sticking something up my butt!! I have a right to say I think its nasty!! I have a right to express how I feel!! Just like everyone else does so do I!! And this man did nothing wrong but say that HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND!! You should be happy that he atleast tried to understand, but he did not. ITS OK TO LIKE THE OPPOSITE SEX!! Its extremely WRONG TO SAY THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO ONLY AGREE TO SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS!! ITs very very IGNORANT and its the same thing that you are saying that HETEROSEXUALS are doing to you!! You are doing the same thing to us!! Its OK IF I AM NOT GAY!! THATS MY DARN CHOICE!!! i CHOOSE WHO I AM JUST LIKE THIS NFL PLAYER DECIDED WHO HE WANTED TO BE!! How dare you all cast us into judgement for not wanting or accepting certain sexual acts!! The heck with that!! I got a FREE RIGHT!! i am American of the United States!! I am mad cause I feel like now people want us to be gay!! I want to be what i want!! Celebrate me for who I am!! So I applaud anyone that can be bold to speak up with how they feel is right or wrong!! Thats exactly why we live in America!! We can preach, live, and support who we want! We should not be killed for how we believe! Thats DEF WRONG!! If I am a Christian I have the Right to say how I feel! Other religions do and we say nothing to them because its their right!! But when you are a Christian you are persecuted for what you believe! God knows who we are and we are about his love and truth!! I love JESUS!! And thats MY CHOICE!! tHANK YOU!!

353 days ago


It's true...

353 days ago


I do not agree with homosexuality at all, and I'm not homophobic. Collins coming out, who cares i don't want to know!! why is it everyone's business he is the one that will have to stand before GOD!

353 days ago


Mike Wallace how many football players have slap u on the as* theirs a lot of GAY football players we don't no about ** I'm sure some of them are gay

353 days ago


He has a right not to understand it. He has a right not to like it. That is not being homophobic.
He does not have a right to make hateful slurs or actions against anyone.
Gay people need to get it through their heads that all people do not have to like or accept their lifestyle and that does not make you a bad person. If you act on it in a hateful manor, that makes you a bad person.

353 days ago


He just said HE didnt understand. It. Not anything bashing that lifestyle. He probably just was expressing an observation. And as an American. ... its his right to do so. Get off your soap box already

353 days ago


Freedom of speech remember? can a ***** speak his mind "HIS MIND" we don't have to agree remember.

353 days ago


Vaginas were made for penises, butts were made for poop.

353 days ago


TMZ stfu!! Please. Its like 5yr olds write on this site

353 days ago


But if I used the word ****** he'd be upset. Go figure.

353 days ago
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