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Jason Collins

And The First Pro Athlete to Make a Homophobic Tweet Is ...

4/29/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


... Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace!!

Just HOURS after NBA player Jason Collins announced he's gay, 26-year-old Wallace took right to Twitter to provide the first ignorant comment.

“All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH (shakin' my head) …”

30 minutes later, Wallace deleted his tweet and replaced it with a half-assed explanation:

"Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don't understand!! Deeply sorry for anyone that I offended."

Fun Fact -- Dolphins are one of the few animals that engage in gay sex!

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Really sick of the homosexual community trying to make this lifestyle the norm for society! God created us to PROCREATE! WIth that being said, I really don't care who is gay or homosexual. This guy is no hero for revealing his sexuality! This is sick and perverted but keep in mind its his business. But since he wants the world to know along with the media outlets, I want him to know that this is not normal and it is very perverted! No matter how many recruits that they seek out it is so not normal. I can't believe people are appauling this guy as if he is some kind of HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord help us all!

510 days ago


As a gay man, I don't see that he said anything wrong. When I look at an attractive lesbian, I tend to think "so many hot men, and all she wants is to bump donuts with other women." It's just a thingsthatmakeyougohmmm comment. Nothing more.

What he said was not insensitive at all.

510 days ago


I Would Respect Him More If He Just Kept It Real
And Stand By His True Feelings IT IS WHAT IT IS

510 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

Mike, I applaud you for sticking up for what's right originally. However, I do not applaud you for recanting your tweet! I'm so sick & tired of people trying not to hurt gay people's feelings! If they keep their *sses in the closet, they would not have this problem! The fact of the matter is that sex was made for procreation between a man & woman not for a bunch of freaks to experiment.

510 days ago

Commentator Prime    

Now it is okay for everyone to do unnatural things. Awesome. I think.

510 days ago


Mike Wallace did not do or say anything wrong. He just expressed his opinion and it wasn't rude. What happened to freedom of speech!!

510 days ago

Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui    

Homosexuality is not deserving of the approbation of man.

510 days ago

Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui    

Homosexuality is not deserving of the approbation of man.

510 days ago


Please, there is nothing wrong with that comment and personally, I don't get the impression that he meant it in a bad way at all.

510 days ago


I agree with MW. I am not a supporter of homosexuality. It, to me, is as abnormal as Drinking Cookies and Chewing Milk. At the same time, I don't hate nor do I fear any of them. There's nothing normal about a man inserting his penis into the rectum of another man. If that was normal then the rectum would selflubricate like a vagina does naturally. Ur anus is an exit not an entrance.

510 days ago


It is HIS twitter page and he has the right to say whatever he wants. I feel the same way he does. Im so tired of everyone trying to make gay right...if it was right there would be no need to defend it!!!! i guess if men could have babies then everyone would think that was okay too!!

510 days ago


IT'S INTERESTING that TMZ won't put any WHITE players in the story giving their input about Jason Collins; because, of course, only another BLACK player is going to be messy about it. White people, including TMZ, are astutely aware of the self-hatred factors within the black community. The media loves to find the most unintelligent black person they could find, in this case MIKE WALLACE, to quote in the news. In other words, blacks will criticize blacks: this is not even an issue outside of the black community, or at least not as large. "Gay" has a whole different level of meaning and significance within the black community.

510 days ago


Hey Harvey and Charles, if it's normal for men to be with men then how about the two of you lip lock on ur show today, tomorrow or next week without getting that uncomfortable icky feeling. U won't because innately u know it isnt right for you to do and it is truly repulsive. Ask urself this, " if a beautiful woman approached u and kissed u on ur lips would u react the same way as if it were a man?" I'll answer for u " HELL NO!" There's nothing right about a man trying to pass himself as a woman.

510 days ago


Instead of making lies and false accusations TMZ should try real stori...wait, look what I'm talking about. There's nothing homophobic about that tweet and absolutely nothing to apologize for. You gonna tell me everyone commenting here who love ***** and see how gorgeous women are don't occasionally think "Damn...why wouldn't you want that?" You never look at Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks, or that big booty soft skinned beautiful woman you just passed on the street and were like "WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO FEEL THAT???????" Lying *******s. Nothing homophobic about that. Homophobic would be "Jason Collins is a disgusting piece of **** and if he or any gay comes near m I'll kill him" or "I best not have a gay teammate, I'll beat his ass I catch him watching my dick in the lockerroom." And why is it acceptable for him to be in the same locker room as his teammates? It wouldn't be acceptable for a man to go into the one WNBA team with the attractive girl's locker room and get naked with them, or just sit in the corner and watch them undress.

510 days ago


"And The First Pro Athlete to Make a Homophobic Tweet Is ..."

Is this really your headline? TMZ crew, I used to really love you guys, but you've become so biased lately. Mike Wallace had a right to oppose Homosexuality just as Lady Gaga has the right to support it. He should be able to exercise his first amendment right to free speech without being demonized by the media, which in this case, is you. Please stop it!

509 days ago
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