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Miami Dolphins


Mike Wallace's Homophobic Tweet

4/29/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_mike_wallace_getty_2Mike Wallace needs to learn how to RESPECT gay people ... so says the Miami Dolphins organization, which says it strongly condemns the comments made by their star receiver.

A rep for the NFL team tells TMZ ... the Dolphins took immediate action once they learned about Wallace's homophobic tweet, in which he condescendingly questions why Collins would want to "mess with other guys" when there are so many beautiful girls in the world.

The Dolphins tell us ..."Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him."

"Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization."

"We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.”

Wallace has since deleted the tweet.

TMZ spoke with a rep for the NFL, who tells us the league office will review the situation -- and decide if the player will be fined or suspended.

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No Avatar


Yeah , Mike. I mean , why would anyone want to mess around with *****'s. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I offend you?? What a total douche..

508 days ago


Gay people are going to run the world. What will the scientologists do? Turn a harmless comment of loving women into an anti-gay agenda. Pretty soon, people will be afraid to say anything for fear of upsetting gay people. Some guy says he drinking a margarita with an umbrella or ate a fruitcake on Christmas. Next thing you know, he is being accused of mocking gay people and being anti-gay, fired from his job, ostracized, etc.

508 days ago

Pet peeves    

What the f3ck does "homophobic" mean? If youdon't like ****suckers, that's pretty normal...

508 days ago


He didn't slam or sler anyone he said he didn't understand why some men want other men over beautiful women. He is a straight guy who expressed a statement. Not a slam against anyone. What ever happened to freedom of speech in this country TMZ. He has a right to his opinions just as much as the next person. Gay or straight who cares anymore. I just dont need two gay people PDA in my.face anymore then two straight people. Honestly. . Just get a room!

508 days ago


Just more proof in a long line that football is filled with morons and criminals.

508 days ago


If you cant have an opinion any more , then its good bye to tmz .!!er not!!

508 days ago


Whatever hapoened to "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"? as soon as someone invoices their opinion..the people get "offended" get over it! This is LIFE people!!! Power to Wallace for speaking his mind!

508 days ago


Why is a lack of understanding "homophobic"? He was just stating how different tastes in sexuality are hard to comprehend. Kind of like how it's hard to understand how somebody could pass up a juicy cut of prime rib.

508 days ago


Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to say anything that pops into your small brain. There are legal limits. Look it up.

508 days ago


The NFL shouldn't fine him... He has the freedom of speech... Plus he didn't say anything bad... NFL is acting as if he said ****ing ***...

508 days ago


With that he just outed himself, His fear is his fantasy. Most str8 men are way to busy trying to get women to be bothered with commenting on what gay men do.

508 days ago


Even with their press release condemning gay bashing, the Dolphins managed to spread disinformation. You don't choose to be a homosexual; it's just who you are. Ask a gay person about their sexuality, and they'll invariably tell you that they knew they were different from others, since they can remember. Nobody with any brains would "choose" to join a minority whose membership can not only get you fired from your job (it's still legal in many US states), but can also get you beat up or killed by the neanderthal element of society...

508 days ago


Completely stupid. If a man isn't allowed to make a simple statement without it being over analyzed and without him being ostracized then that mans no longer free. It's a sick sad state of affairs. TMZ labels this man "homophobic" yet they make millions of dollars a year by stalking and harassing any person they deem news worthy. Hypocrites

508 days ago


If you actually read the tweet, I think "homophobic" might be a bit strong of a term. Not every comment that isn't 100 percent all out praise of a gay person is homophobic. Political Correctness is getting a little out of hand these days. If he commented that he would "never play with a gay person" or "gay people are disgusting"...that is homophobic. If anything he was praising women.

508 days ago


I'm bisexual and I don't understand why ANY of y'all don't see both sexes are attractive. I guess that makes me intolerant?

508 days ago
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