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Miami Dolphins


Mike Wallace's Homophobic Tweet

4/29/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_mike_wallace_getty_2Mike Wallace needs to learn how to RESPECT gay people ... so says the Miami Dolphins organization, which says it strongly condemns the comments made by their star receiver.

A rep for the NFL team tells TMZ ... the Dolphins took immediate action once they learned about Wallace's homophobic tweet, in which he condescendingly questions why Collins would want to "mess with other guys" when there are so many beautiful girls in the world.

The Dolphins tell us ..."Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him."

"Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization."

"We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.”

Wallace has since deleted the tweet.

TMZ spoke with a rep for the NFL, who tells us the league office will review the situation -- and decide if the player will be fined or suspended.

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No Avatar


You would think that being Black he would know something about discrimination.

544 days ago


There was nothing derogatory about what Wallace posted. He merely stated he did not understand someone being gay. What they hell is wrong with that statement? Nothing. I am sick to death of political correctness.

544 days ago


I agree with Mike Wallace F these Gays! who the hell do they think they are?

544 days ago


What in the hell did he say that was homophobic??????? He innocently asked a question that alot of straight guys ask openly! People just need to stop being so sensitive! I support equality but if gotten too damn much when the very own people I support come crying like babies at every little thing said that doesn't require such reaction.

544 days ago


Since you've got a big sports theme going on today - how about a headline for the horribly (yet hilariously) botched National Anthem performed by Desiree Jackson, the wife of Warrior's head coach, at last night's game???? Seriously...it's worth a watch. PS - the commentary from Shaq and others was just as entertaining..It's worth a mention, TMZ.

544 days ago


Fined or suspended? Are they serious???!!! Now one cannot express an OPINION in America without fear of losing their job? He didn't advocate violence, or a denial of rights or privileges. He merely said HE didn't understand that particular choice. I don't understand why some men prefer blondes over brunettes. Am I not permitted to express THAT opinion either?

You had all better WAKE UP and see the destructive path on which our nation is headed. Soon, only ONE VIEWPOINT will be permitted, that of the ruling, left-wing, gay-obsessed majority whose desire it is to destroy anything resembling the traditional male/female family. Sodomy and the obliteration of masculine males will be the rule of the day, and the end of our once free society will be at hand.

544 days ago


I voted for same sex marriage but this kind of garbage makes me contemplate changing my stance. Lgbt folk- be careful crying wolf about stuff like this or you might turn off supporters.

544 days ago


And what'sgoing to be next for Jason Collins coming out! Exploiting every little chance he gets! Writing a book on ' Being Gay in the NBA! Sometimes you just gotta ask why people come out all of a sudden!

544 days ago


I agree it was not a supportive thing to say... but how is his tweet "hostile and critical" to the point of being hate?

544 days ago


I agree it was not a supportive thing to say... but how is his tweet "hostile and critical" to the point of being hate?

544 days ago

Nascar Shizzle    

So much for free speech.

544 days ago


When will the dog born as a human come out. They can sew a tail on their a** and be walked on a lease sh**ing in the park. Collecting a gov check

544 days ago


To me his comment was more geared towards appreciating women. He didn't say anything insulting, he just doesn't understand why a man would choose a p.enis over juicy boobs and a tight a.ss. Where is that homophobic? The gays are so damn sensitive. I understand they are fighting for equality but to font do it by condemning people who dot agree with it or understand it.

544 days ago


Fined or suspended for speaking his opinion? What the hell is wrong with this country anymore?!

544 days ago


Bullying someone who makes a joke you u don't agree with is not a good way to gain support for your cause. The people who preach tolerance seem to be some of the most intolerant people.

544 days ago
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