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'I Hit It First' Video

Ray J Sticks It to Kim K

... Look-alike

4/29/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J's new music video for "I Hit It First" is finally here -- and not only is the chick in the video a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian, but she also reenacts the couple's infamous sex tape (minus the sex).

TMZ has obtained the full version of "I Hit It First" and even though J won't actually admit the song's about Kanye West's baby mama ... all 3 min and 38 seconds of doppelganger footage PROVES otherwise.

Seriously, it's not an exaggeration, it's chock-full of Kim K references ... from her reality show, to her ass, to her XXX vid.

And Ray J sneaks in some Kanye shots too ... but they're a little more subtle. Kind of.


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seems it is about her. maybe him and taylor swift should get together and do a duet about their exes

450 days ago


I want to apologize first, but I have to do it!
I’m gonna NEED Kanye West to slap this fool with A 20lb BIG BAG OF NICKELS!!
Ray J is “Brandy’s lil brother” and will always be.
He ain’t hit jake first. They ONLY reason that “sex tape” became popular is because Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian who was on OJ Simpson’s defense team for the OJ Simpson trial and she was also a stylist to the some of the celebrities at the time.
I’m saying ALL this to say that Ray J did not “Put her down” or “Hit it first”…. She actually put him down. If it was any other chick no one would have made a big deal out of it but because it was Kim Kardashian, it was blown up.
I may sound like an advocate for Kim Kardashian, lol… but I’m only speaking my mind on this issue because Ray J officially burns my piss.
He is a CLOWN!! And even for the women and dudes that claim she is a “freak or hoe”… I bet money if we put some of y’all past out there, ALL of the BONES would fall out that joint..HA!!
Anyway, I had to address this COON FROM THE MOON.
Using that women to make himself relevant for a hot second again!!
BOY BYE… Have several seats!!
Signing off,

Kim Kardashian’s advocate, lol!

450 days ago


Has been want some press, 1st he disrepected her on released their private sex tape, which by the way made her famous. Now she richer than him and about to be married to her baby daddy kanye West, he missing that meal ticket. Move on Dumb azz and grow up.

450 days ago


Who? Trying to make himself relevant ... ignorant, as always. Not a Kim K. fan, but Ray J. is an idiot.

450 days ago


Ray J who??????????????????? who cares this reminds me of what a guy in high school would do he is a grown man try acting like one. guess it is his way of getting publicity seeing he is a no one talent that uses auto tone to sing with. who cares?????????any one???????

450 days ago


Ray J who??????????????? who cares just his way to get publicity reminds me of something a guy in high school would do he is a grown man maybe he should try acting like one. nothing like a auto tone song from a wanna be singer that no one cares about. who cares ???????any one????? sorry old news lets all move on now.

450 days ago


This is so funny to me!!! i try not to like the song, but it not that bad. People want to hate Ray J so bad, but other people have said more demeaning things about Kim and hasn't gotten that much flack! Im just saying, he saw an opportunity and he took it!!

450 days ago


This guy is funny... he brags about something that is obviously not true. He must think Kim was a virgin when he met her!

450 days ago


hey it worked for timberlake why not use someone else's fame to get press

450 days ago


Wow! Kim K. must got some of that bomb @$$.....chronic @$$......make me fiend like a crackhead @$$......I can't say it right @$$.......Gushy.......this is some sad @$$ s#!t.....this N!66@ is begging for her back........This was too funny if you're having a bad day watch this....

450 days ago


seriously, this is tacky...get it together Ray J

450 days ago


Morgan Freeman can make that song sound much better:

450 days ago


Morgan Freeman can make that song sound tolerable:

450 days ago


Hey Criss has Kendel mom the agent called u yet? Don't take less than a 60/ 40 split? PS get something on the back end. Look me telling you where to hit it

450 days ago


I prefer the Morgan Freeman version, hahaha

450 days ago
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